Highland Tap Room Grill, Louisville KY

This was the other option for last weekends brunch excursion, with a buffet and pancakes well endorsed.  We joined our buddies at a table outside with an umbrella partially blocking the sun. This seating choice may have been better on a slightly cooler day, but it was great if you needed a bit of fresh air or sun to get you going.

The $2 Bloody Marys and Mimosas were a great way to start out our second brunch outing. Again I found that the Bloody Marys (though solid) were still not quite the thick and spicy I was looking for, yet still pleasant on a hot day like today. The Mimosas however were a total bargain.

$2 Bloody Mary and Mimosa, tasty and refreshing
$2 Bloody Mary and Mimosa, tasty and refreshing

You might think for $2 that the Tap Room might choose a sub par champagne/sparkling wine as a base or top it with an OJ more along the lines of Sunny D, but this is not the case. The Mimosa was well composed: light, fruity and bubbly. A great refreshment for a hot day with just enough booze to keep the laughs flowing freely. Once our drinks arrived, the sweet and attentive Sheriff Bon Bon (yes that is how our servers name was printed on the check) reviewed the pancakes of the day with us then asked which and how many we’d like. Then we were off to the buffet.

Not terribly pretty, but solidly tasty brunch plates (I swear I will work to improve my photography…)

Most of what we found were pretty standard brunch buffet offerings of eggs, sausage, bacon and potatoes. I will say it was nice to find some rather fluffy well seasoned eggs with a little bit of scallions for flare, rather than the bland rubbery sort you will often discover on a Sunday morning brunch line. The biscuits were good-sized (so that hubby could make a nice breakfast sandwich)  as well as nice and flaky. The gravy that complimented them was a bit thin, but still had a nice creamy, peppery flavor. Their brunch pasta of the day was a tasty alfredo penne with some crab bits that was rather satisfying. Of course there were some salads and fruit to lighten your guilt, but not really anything to write home about.

Biscuit and gravy, potatoes, pork kebab, fried zucchini, fruit salad and a lazy slice of bacon draped over the top
Biscuit and gravy, potatoes, pork kebab, fried zucchini, fruit salad and a lazy slice of bacon draped over the top

One of the nice differences I found on the lunch-ier end of the brunch line were some dishes that may have been specials throughout the week: a curry chicken rice jambalaya, fried zucchini, pork kebabs, and BBQ shredded pork over grits. The curry chicken rice dish had a pleasant combination of spices with a nice bit of cinnamon that I enjoyed and thought of as a unique find. The fried zucchini were also nicely seasoned but got a little soggy waiting in the chafing dish. Both pork dishes had a nice tangy flavor, but I enjoyed the compliment of the grits over that of the kebab veggies personally.

The crowning glory of this buffet though was the pancakes. The offerings when we visited were chocolate chip, strawberry and buttermilk, so we gladly ordered a of each before heading in to the buffet. They arrived as we we working our way through our first plates, a bed of fluffy deliciousness.

Bed of fluffy deliciousness (i.e chocolate chip, strawberry and buttermilk pancakes)
Bed of fluffy deliciousness (i.e chocolate chip, strawberry and buttermilk pancakes)

Now I am not big on the sweet side of brunch (I know blasphemy), but these pancakes are exactly the right touch of sugar I desire. They were pillowy soft, lightly dusted with powder sugar and the strawberries in the one I ordered were fresh and still contained a hint of tartness. With a tiny drizzle of syrup and pat of butter they were perfect. The only way they could have been better was some fresh whip cream, but honestly I could not complain about these beauties. They were easily the best part of our brunch.

The great thing about a buffet brunch is you can get a little creative with your concoctions without worry so much about the cost of your experimentation. Anything from the standard, but possibly slightly altered breakfast sandwich to the meat adorned cookie below (created by our engineer friend).

Bacon wrapped and sausage link topped chocolate chip cookie
Bacon wrapped and sausage link topped chocolate chip cookie called Paleo by the creator (though not likely approved of by those who adhere to the Paleo diet)

All in all a good and satisfying brunch I’d recommend for the hangover crowd, as the buffet comes in at around $12 it is also quite wallet friendly. Nothing like $2 Mimosas to cure/ease the memory of last night’s poor life choices, along with the aches and pains that follow. The AH-Mazing pancakes will also help soak up the alcohol in your system with their sweet, syrupy goodness. Though the combination of the two will likely leave you needing a nap, a lazy Sunday might be good for you.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little commentary. Until next time keep eating and drinking well, hopefully with great company.

Today’s Featured Brunch: Highlands Tap Room Grill, 1058 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, KY 40204

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