SuperChefs, Louisville KY

When our friend told me that there was a superhero themed menu at a possible brunch spot I was sold. I know there have only been a few posts and that they are generally about food, but let me tell you I have a strong affinity for things superhero, comic and generally geek-tastic.

My dad grew up in the Silver Age of Comic Books and was a teenager when Stars Wars first hit the big screen sparking his passion, but having two daughters didn’t deter him from instilling in us some great (and similar) taste. It started out when Episodes IV-VI came out on VHS. I was eight and my sister was five, but my dad made sure our Saturday was well spent watching all three volumes of Lucas Films goodness in the basement with Cheetos and Mountain Dew after his breakfast special of French toast.

After my parents split, our times with Dad still revolved around the X-Men, Star Wars prequels, Spiderman and Lord of the Rings movie franchises. We almost always saw them on the days they came out, or custody schedule barring that within the week. Those are the times with my Dad that really stick out and which feed into my love of the superhero, sci-fi and fantasy genres. I know this takes us off track from our usual start, but this is why I was so excited to come to SuperChefs and check out a what I was hoping would be a super-inspired brunch treat. Our experience was a satisfying one for sure.

SuperChefs exterior

I know the restuarant front doesn’t look like much in a strip mall down a side street next to a Mexican restuarant, but I was joyfully greeted by a host in a Thor helmet so I couldn’t help but grin. The interior is also quite clean and modern looking, with a subtle diner-y feel to the tables and their settings. The ceiling was graced with bright, fun light fixtures and walls peppered with super-hero themed art work including a Last Supper filled with Marvel and DC caped crusaders.

SuperChefs fun menu
SuperChefs fun menu

We sat down in a cozy corner half booth, half table with our the colorful menu with it’s fun comic book style cover. Having already perused the menu online I was pretty sure of what I was getting, but I still enjoyed seeing all my options laid out and skipping through the lunch and dinner pages. Both of these make me want to come back in the evening sometime to try the Southern Eggroll or French Fry Burger. It was a tiny bit of a bummer that  SuperChefs still doesn’t have their liquor license, yet teases it’s possibilities with the drink menus above the sugar carrier on the table. However the coffee was able to sustain me while we mulled over our choices.

Mmm coffee in a fun cup
Mmm coffee in a fun cup

It took a bit for our friends to arrive and for everyone to set our order, by which time the crowds had amassed a little more and the dining room was a bit busier. Sadly that meant there was a substantial little wait , but when the food finally came it was in a lovely and cleany presented array.

Our brunch feast spread
Our brunch feast spread

For our brunch feast our table selected (from top left going clockwise to bottom left) SuperChefs Eggs Bendict, Roasted Pepper Grits and Pretzel Croissant, Pancake Platter and The Juggernaut (not pictured was hubby’s SuperChefs Breakfast Platter). Now this spread may not seem as impressive as others, but it was easily one of the most filling and food-coma inducing so far.

The Juggernaut: a waffle sandwich to be reckoned with

My Juggernaut lived up to his unstoppable super villian persona namesake (see the X-men’s archnemisis who is also Professor Xavier’s step-brother not the terrible X-men: Last Stand movie version). This behemoth is composed of a single large red waffle that will softly yield while still holding together fairly well under the weight of all the parts between waffle quarters. The star between the red waffle-y goodness was the cornflake-crusted fried chicken, that stayed crisp even under an over easy egg, pepperjack cheese, bacon and a honey drizzle. The fried chicken was also plump and juicy under it’s delightfully crunchy exterior. I was unsure about the pepperjack cheese in this line-up, but it added a subtle creaminess and heat which the whole was better for. There was a pleasant strawberry compote on the side, but not being much of a sweet person (as I’ve said a bunch by now) I was much happier without it. Though I did have the good judgement to apply it to one of the pancakes, more on that later. Overall the splendid Juggernaut was well worth our little wait.


Everyone elses dishes were also pretty pleasant. The SuperChefs Eggs Bendict seemed an interesting Southern spin on a brunch classic with the local mornay sauce adding a Louisville flair. The hashbrowns were nothing too extraordinary, but could do as a stable sidekick adding a nice salty crunch.

Roasted Red Pepper Grits and Pretzel Croissant
Roasted Red Pepper Grits and Pretzel Croissant

Roasted Pepper Grits while flavorful in their unique cheesy and roasted paper add-ins, probably could have been cooked a bit longer to attain a truly great texture akin to what I expect of grits. By that i mean I wish it was more creamy and rich. The thinner corn sauce we were presented with is not what the friends we came with had experienced before, but also won’t put us off from trying again. Its Pretzel Croissant complement on the otherhand did not disappoint as it was buttery and flaky with just a little hint of the salty pretzel to differentiate its toasty grilled self.

SuperChef's Breakfast Platter
SuperChef’s Breakfast Platter

Hubby’s SuperChef’s Breakfast Platter came with some sausage so tasty I never got a bite. Finally the star we were glad we agreed to split was the Pancake Platter (yes it came with an actual star-shaped pancake).

The Pancake Platter
The Pancake Platter

This was some fantastic four spread of pancakes. I don’t think any of us could have conquered a stack of them for breakfast on our own. Each was it’s own little dessert treat, but it was nice to enjoy just a few sweet bites of such glorious flavors without being overwhelmed. The cute shapes and artful presentation didn’t hurt either. My favorite (along with 75% of the table) was the Reese’s Cup pancake, which was so rich and chocolate-peanut buttery that none of us could have even eatten the solo on it’s own. For me the Apple Carmel was a solidly tart and sweet second, but the Baked Alaska Banana Pudding pancake gave it a run for its money especially when the Juggernauts aforementioned strawberry compote was applied, adding a tart brightness. Although the Red Velvet fell to the bottom of my ranking of these fantastic four, our one hold out rated this their favorite, so to each their own in the pancake platter arena.

As we gradually finished out plates and were working our way to finishing the massive pancake platter, we were asked a few times by various servers if we were finished. While I understand that the crowd had picked up as church was letting out and more people were coming in, it would have been nice after our fairly long thirty plus minute wait for food to be able to sit and enjoy each other a while as we began to recover from the inevitable food coma. Seriously after all that Super brunch feast though, I kind of felt like one our weird porch squirrels. Just wanting to splay out on my couch and laze away the day.

Hubby and I have some weird squirrels that like to get super comfortable on our porch. I would like to lounge this way after brunch though.
Hubby and I have some weird squirrels that like to get super comfortable on our porch. I would like to lounge this way after brunch though.

Alas there is always work to be done around the house or for the next week’s work, so we had to get moving anyhow. As I said our SuperChef’s experience was satisfying. I would definitely like to revisit in the evening or when they receieve their liqour license. There are still plenty of options to work through on the lunch end of the menu and the idea of breakfast shots are truly intriguing.

Until next time keep eating and drinking well in the best of company. Also it would be great if you you could have time to spare so you can lounge like that squirrel.

Today’s Featured Brunch: SuperChefs, 106 Fairfax Ave., Louisville, KY 40207


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