Amazing Glaze Donut Co., Floyds Knobs IN

We had a late game night, so hubby was sweet and grabbed some donuts for an easy brunch that could be brought home to enjoy. He went around 8:20AM and snagged the last Maple Bacon along with a solid assortment.

Amazing Glaze exterior, simple next to gas station shop front
Amazing Glaze exterior, simple next to gas station shop front

Hubby reported that they have a simple walk up counter service, but friendly employees to assist you with selections. I was worried from the reviews that this might not be the case, but maybe Adrienne’s and Co. taking over has helped the service improve. From the reviews it also seemed like in the past many of the special donuts would be sold out earlier than 8-9AM, so I’m glad to see Adrienne’s management might also have bumped up the supply to meet demand.

Amazing Glaze donut selection
Amazing Glaze donut selection

I figured since we wouldn’t be trying a variety of dishes or any fancy cocktails today I should give the coffee a try. Now if you are going to serve breakfast and brunch, I feel like solid coffee should be standard. Amazing Glaze’s coffee however probably wasn’t worth the purchase. When you order a coffee they give you a cup that you fill up from one of those coffee pumps, which on their own I have nothing against. Since the coffee I tried was rather acrid and tasted a bit old today though, I feel I might have been better off making my own coffee at home.

Disappointing coffee :(
Disappointing coffee 😦

Hubby’s lovely selection made up for the coffee pretty well. Though he did not bring one of these fancy looking Oreo ones he took a picture of.

Oreo donut , cannoli and other sweet goodies
Oreo donut , cannoli and other sweet goodies

Such a tease.

He did bring home a selection of Maple Bacon, Snickers, PBJ, Strawberry Whip, Turtle Sundae, PB Fudge, Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Iced donuts.

Mmm, donuts
Mmm, donuts

I’m a big fan of the modern classic Maple Bacon flavor combination and was happy to find Amazing Glaze’s offering a well-balanced version. The Maple frosting on soft, fluffy dough with a good slice of salty bacon was a wholly pleasant experience. A friend who stayed the night and has never tried this combo in any form was happily surprised by how well it worked. I also really enjoyed the Snickers donut with its moist, chocolate cakey base topped with a drizzle of caramel, chocolate fudge and peanuts that pooled at the bottom of the donut. This donut was decadent with out being overwhelmingly sweet or too heavy.

The rest of the donuts were also good, each with a pretty solid doughy base that was light and soft. The Strawberry Whip was a light pink frosted, fluffy delight filled with an airy cream that just made the kid inside me gleeful. The PBJ had a great not-to-sweet peanut butter frosting, also found on the PB Fudge donut. The only disapointing part of the PBJ was the super artificial jelly filling that neither complemented nor enhanced the rest of the donut’s composition.

pieces of various Amazing Glaze donuts, so as not to fill up on any given one
pieces of various Amazing Glaze donuts, so as not to fill up on any given one

However the Turtle Sundae donut had a great light whipped frosting piped prettily on top with a beautiful drizzle of carmel and chocolate fudge with a just a sprinkling of chopped pecans. The only thing lacking here was some more chocolate to make it super turtle-y, but it was certainly pleasant. The PB Fudge was a nice and salty, crunchy change of pace that balanced the subtly sweet peanut butter frosting well. The light Chocolate Mousse donut was a bit more subtle than I would have liked. Pleasant though its light and airy dough and filling combination was (in a very similar way to the Strawberry Whip) it lacked a bitter cocoa punch that would have bumped this up to a more satisfying offering. Last of all the Chocolate Iced was simple and well done finish to  round out the assortment.

Overall a nice sampling and I’m happy to have a local donut place with some unique offerings, but I wouldn’t say it rocked my socks off. Certainly will try again and maybe even compare with Adrienne’s Jeffersonville location offerings.

Keep eating and drinking well, with lovely people who will bring you donuts early in the morning.

Today’s Featured Brunch: Amazing Glaze Donuts Co., 5801 US Hwy 150, Floyds Knobs, IN 47119

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