Brunches Past: Toast on Market, Louisville KY

When my husband first moved here in the late fall of 2013 we knew very little about the Louisville food scene. Our first brunch introduction was the lovely Toast on Market, the downtown Louisville location.

We spent the first six months of my husband’s new job trading weekends back and forth, as we waited for our condo to sell and find a new home.  On one of the first December weekends I visited Louisville, it snowed around six inches over Friday night into Saturday morning. Now that wasn’t enough snow to keep us from going out (hubby being from Northern Indiana and myself being from up near the Illinois-Wisconsin border), but soon after hopping on the highway we realized it did keep most of the natives home.

The snow outside apartment window that morning.
The snow outside apartment window that morning.

Lucky for us that means we got a beautiful snow covered first view of the downtown Louisville and the neighborhood surrounding Toast On Market, which just happened to be nearly empty that morning.

The host warmly greeted and then talked with us about the weather as he lead us back to a little table towards the back. Then we sat down to peruse the menu and discovered a myriad of yummy-sounding choices. Our waitress greeted us in a sweet Southern drawl, told us the specials and asked what we would like to drink. When I heard Hot Cocoa with Pistachio Liqueur I was sold.

Pistachio liqueur hot chocolate from Toast on Market
Pistachio liqueur hot chocolate from Toast on Market

This hot cocoa was so good. I still look around boutique-y liquor stores for a pistachio liqueur to enhance my hot chocolate at home. Though my quest has gone unsatisfied, it still makes me warm to think about the drink’s velvety goodness that kept me so cozy on that cold day.

Remember that great menu? Yeah well I had such a hard time deciding, I went a little overboard. While hubby ordered the breakfast Monte Cristo (with marmalade on the side) and some hashbrown casserole, I indulged with Cliffie’s Plate and the waitress kindly allowed me to replace my regular buttermilk pancakes with a Pumpkin Spice pancake on special and a menu staple Bread Pudding pancake. I added some fruit to balance it out though. Along with some bacon…

Our wait was short as a few more people trickled in to escape the cold and we settled in making plans to explore the city.

Our lovely plates upon plates of food arrived (sadly I didn’t take pictures), but it did not disappoint. My bite of hubby’s Monte Cristo was a great blend of sweet and savory. It’s foundation of brioche french toast provided a soft yet sturdy structure to contain ham and Swiss goodness when I added the orange marmalade to the party it hit a perfectly bright note.

My Cliffie’s plate had perfectly cooked over easy eggs and multigrain toast, but the pancakes are what I remember. Both the Pumpkin Spice and Bread Pudding pancakes had a pleasant collection of my favorite winter spices. They were also sticky with sugar and just fluffy enough to sink your teeth into. The Bread Pudding pancake was dense in a lovely way with a fantastic Irish cream sauce. The thick-sliced, delciously salty bacon is also a must try. The fruit was also light and refreshing, but nothing crazy.

All in all it was a great introduction to the Louisville brunch scene. In our trips back to both this and the New Albany locations we have yet to be disappinted by either food or service received. I hope you’ve enjoyed my little stroll through the recent past.

Until next time keep eating and drinking well, hopefully in great company.

This Past Brunch: Toast on Market,620 E Market St, Louisville, KY 40202

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