The Red Yeti Restuarant and Brew Pub, Jeffersonville IN

Sorry for the late post, after football, a nap and some errands I just didn’t quite finish this in time to post it yesterday. I will strive to do better and get in a Wednesday post for you all this week.

We have lived near here for over a year now, and just haven’t found many occasions to explore the offerings of The Red Yeti (even though I was initially quite intrigued by the sign and name). I’ve stopped once briefly and enjoyed a nice Scottish ale and their delicious truffle fries (which I am generally a sucker for) so I came looking forward to seeing what they had for brunch.

The Red Yeti logo that first caught my eye
The Red Yeti logo that first caught my eye

When you check out the online reviews, it’s kind of mixed bag, so you’re not totally sure what to expect. After we parked and began to walk up to the door, I could smell delicious bacon wafting down the street. We got in little before they were technically open and inside they were still setting up brunch. A few people were sitting and waiting inside and out. It was a nice 60-something degree morning, the beginning of fall quietly creeping in, so we decided to go ahead and sit outside. The waitress came by to get our drink order and repeated that they were still setting up for brunch, but she would come out and let us know when everything was ready. Shortly there after she returned with our mimosa and bloody mary (the first of which were included in the price of brunch).

Mimosa and Bloody Mary
Mimosa and Bloody Mary

Our brunch cocktails were pretty nice, my bloody mary was okay to start, but got better as I sipped. It was both spicy and a bit thicker (which is my jam) as well as full of tomato flavor. The garnish was simple with a nice briny pepperocini. Hubby’s mimosa on the other hand was a bit underwhelming. The pulpy-ness of the juice interfered a bit with the bubbly sparkling wine, the blueberries floating were a cute touch but didn’t really bring anything extra to the party.

After a little while of sipping on our beverages on this cool autumn morning, our waitress came out to invite us up to the buffet. I have to say that it was pretty nice to be at a brunch buffet at the beginning of the morning and get a feel of the food at it’s best. It also wasn’t too busy so we could munch at our own pace. For my first plate I stuck mostly with their basic breakfast items and a bit of light salad, all of which turned out to be a nice start.

brunch plate number 1
brunch plate number 1

So the star of this first plate and out of most of the offerings in hubby’s opinion are the simple fried potatoes (even if you can’t see them). These golden, salty morsels of crispy goodness were not seasoned in a crazy way or covered in cheese, they were just simply delicious. I kept coming back to them and the slightly crisp yet still nicely fatty strips of bacon throughout the progression of our meal. The eggs were fairly solid, nice and fluffy without being watery. I know that salad on a brunch is there mostly to make you feel better about your choices, but I truly enjoyed the pickled onion on this one. It provided a little something different and went well with the sweet, viscous balsamic vinaigrette  I drizzled over top, though a little goat cheese from the omelet station might have been a welcome addition. The sausages were pretty tasty, but had weird bubbles of grease under the casing which made them pretty oily. I may also have to disagree a little with hubby about my favorite dish here, as for me it was the grits that shone the brightest. They were velvety and cheesy with just the right amount of pepper to cut through them so as not to feel too heavy. They were on the thicker side, but I enjoyed that substance to them especially when it complemented the chicken and greens on my next plate.

brunch plate 2
brunch plate number 2

So the grits were good enough for a second helping and became the foundation of the chicken third of my second plate. The grits certainly helped to enhance the greens which were a bit salty without too much individual character, and complemented the chicken nicely. Speaking of the Shiitake Chicken, it was actually a rather delightful surprise. It was both well-cooked and juicy (not dry like buffet chicken can be) and the sauce was tasty, though possibly better on the mushrooms. As I said before when combined with the grits, it was quite a lovely pairing. Now on to the next third of the plate, at just about every brunch place we go to I have to try the biscuits and gravy. Red Yeti’s biscuits provided a good base which were nice and fluffy on the inside with a great crunchy, buttery exterior. The gravy started out nice enough, it was plenty creamy and peppery but as it cooled it got rather gelatinous. If it had taken me fifteen minutes to eat this I might have understood, but within about five minutes of sitting down the gravy became sludge-like and kind of put me off. The apple butter I tried on the biscuits was pretty solidly spiced, but had more of an applesauce-y texture than the creamier versions I prefer. Plate two was pretty good, but not as nice as the first.

brunch plate number 3
brunch plate number 3

On the third plate I stuck with a sweet theme (balanced with some bacon of course). The watermelon and berries were a nice light break in the last stretch of this brunch buffet, the watermelon being especially juicy and refreshing. The Banana Bread French toast looked and smelled pretty good, sadly when I finally bit in it was a bit dry. This was particularly disappointing because the flavor of the banana bread was really quite nice and able to stand on its own. Maybe it had been sitting out a bit long or needed more custardy egg batter to really shine, but it was saved a little by the sautéed banana accompanying it that I use to moisten each bite. There were not any waffles when I was compiling this selection, but hubby brought me back a little chocolate chip one with a touch of whip cream. Although hubby had enjoyed them earlier, I found mine rather flat and a bit rubbery and not particulary enjoyable.

Hubby also tried a nice little cheddar, ham and mushroom omelet made to order and brought out to the table. He seemed adequately pleased with it, though he mentioned that it did seem to take a little while. More people had arrived since we started though and I’m sure that backed up the orders a bit.

Hubby's omelet
Hubby’s omelet

We finished out the meal with a little flight of RYBC Brevity Wit, Dark Horse Scotty Karate, Ace Hard Pumpkin Cider, RYBC Blackberry Wheat and North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner. Both of us found the Blackberry Wheat and Pumpkin Cider to be the most pleasing, though I also thought the Scotty Karate passable. The Ace Hard Pumpkin Cider had some nice autumnal spices to break through is honeyed sweetness, which was plainly at the forefront of your palate. The Red Yeti Brewing Company Blackberry Wheat was light and subtly sweet, perfectly pleasant overall just not thrilling enough to want more of. For a brewery I didn’t feel like either the Brevity Wit or Blackberry Wheat really stood out enough to really merit sipping on a ten ounce, but I’m also not put off from these selections either. I think the brewery scene down here is still up-and-coming rather than the more established one we had been lucky to enjoy in Indianapolis for so long.

In summation Red Yeti’s brunch was perfectly adequate especially considering the price. I’d like to find a beer selection from here I could enjoy a little more, but the service and food was passable enough for me to give this another try in the future.

Until next time enjoy the beginnings of fall and keep eating and drinking well with those you love.

Today’s Featured Brunch: The Red Yeti Restuarant and Brew Pub, 256 Spring St, Jeffersonville, IN 47130

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