Brunch Away: The Onion Roll, Oak Park IL

This is a spot near and dear to my aunts and uncles in the Oak Park area. The Onion Roll is just a nice, simple deli where you can expect a great bagel, some great cold smoked Nova lox and typical diner fare. If I’m staying with my family during the week and they want to treat me to a good, quick breakfast this is one of the go-to choices.

On this late morning, we were brought coffee shortly after we sat down with just a brief question. It was solid, no-fuss, good coffee which is always a swell start to the day.

Mmm coffee
Mmm coffee

Although neither my aunt nor uncle needed to look much at the menu I took a moment to peruse both the basic diner offerings and unique tidbits particular to a Chicago Delicatessen. In addition to eggs, bacon and hashbrowns one can get blintzes and chocolate egg creams. Eventually I decided on a Lox Omelet while both parties in my company selected slight variations on the Nova Lox Sandwich.

Our wait was short, but the quiet ambiance was punctuated with the occasional good natured sibling bickering.

Our spread arrived after a brief wait. My Lox Omelet with onions was a great, savory dish. The great eggy crepe of omelet enrobed the tasty, smoky flakes of salmon joined by delicious caramelized onion. The delicate sweetness of these onions breaks up what could otherwise be a heavy handed display with the salt and smoke of the lox. I know in my last post I spoke of well-seasoned griddles bringing forth wonderful steaming treats and The Onion Roll is no exception with the onions previously mentioned to the nicely cooked hashbrowns, all getting their particularly good flavor from this great diner griddle and the care of its cook.

Lox Omelet with onions on hashbrowns
Lox Omelet with onions on hashbrowns

The Everything bagel came to me nicely toasted with an array of spread options, I went ahead with the butter and was happily pleased. Each crunchy bite gave way to a soft, doughy interior enhanced by the seeds and spices adorning this Everything bagel and providing its distinct flavor. I greatly enjoyed taking a bite of my omelet with alternating bites of bagel or hashbrowns, both doing a great job to add som starchy comfort.

Everything bagel
Everything bagel

I snagged a bite of the Nova Sandwich and found it a great composition, especially on the Sesame bagel. The creamy shmear really takes these Lox to a special place, with whatever garnishes you might find to complement them to your liking. Its hard to go wrong with such splendid elements.

Nova Sandwich
Nova Sandwich

Hopefully this brief Sunday post was entertaining. Until next time keep eating and drinking with those you love.

Today’s featured brunch: The Onion Roll, 6935 W North Ave, Oak Park, IL 60302

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