Ramsi’s Cafe on the World, Louisville KY

Walking into Ramsi’s on a fall Sunday morning felt good, like the right way to start our daylight savings/post-Halloween morning.

Streetview of Ramsi's
Streetview of Ramsi’s

The courtyard entrance looked lovely on this cool morning, though not an option today I’d love to see it in the Spring.

Ramsi's lovely little outdoor courtyard that you walk through to the entrance
Ramsi’s lovely little outdoor courtyard that you walk through to the entrance

The decor inside is filled with an eclectic assortment of pieces, from Toulouse Lautrec poster/prints and teak wall sculptures of simple bright patterns painted on bark alongside glossy magazine reviews in brass frames. The smell is a glorious mix of warm spices and jazz music softly carries on under the cacophony of coversations and freshly washed plates clanging on the buffet tables.

We arrived a little bit before the friends joining us this morning and ordered a Bloody Hot Mary and special Raspberry Mimosa to imbibe while we waited. The Raspberry Mimosa was a pleasantly fruity change of pace, not as light or bubbly as I’d like, but perfectly adequate for the price of $3. My Bloody Hot Mary was good and spicy, garnished with a bleu cheese and pimento stuffed olives. I appreciated the fact that all it’s components were in good salty, tomatoe-y balance with a slow heat that resounded at the back of my throat after each sip. It was best at the beginning though before I let it get a bit watered down, but overall satisfying and enjoyable.

Raspberry Mimosa and Bloody Hot Mary
Raspberry Mimosa and Bloody Hot Mary

The Sunday Brunch Buffet offered a rather splendid assortment of goodies. Approaching the line I could see and smell a nice mix of brunch standards and a few more exotic dishes to round out their impressive offerings. Each sampling offered warm comfort as well as engagingly different flavors. On my first plate I tried some of the fairly basic parts on the right side. The eggs were good and fluffy for buffet eggs with a nice buttery layer to them, if a touch watery but not too bad. The potatoes were pretty standard roasted potatoes, but paired well with other items and added a filling staple or starchy counterpoint to spicier fare. The chopped salad was a bit soggy and wilted, but had great starting elements that were still tasty when I tried them. Shortly after I got my salad they also replaced it with a fresh bowl, that was likely even better. I very much loved the Cheese Tortellini with Creamy Pesto sauce and thought it a great dish for their brunch. The stir-fried veggies and barbeque pork were also pretty tasty and enjoyable. While unique to most brunch tables I’ve come across, neither were particularly outstanding.

Brunch plate #1
Brunch plate #1

As soon as we went up to the brunch table, hubby shyed away from the array of chaffing dishes and bee-lined straight towards the omelet station. He was able to leave the order with the chef and return to selecting some other items while his omelet was filled with all his favorite things: cheese, ham and mushrooms. It arrived shortly after we returned to our table, it’s golden, fluffy, eggy goodness full of gooey cheese and cooked to perfection.

Hubby's omelet
Hubby’s omelet

From the website and what I sample myself it appeared to be a good selection of vegan  and vegetarian options, so on my second trip along the left side I tried to pick up some of these. The Samosas were some of my favorite treats in general, crispy on the outside filled by a delicous curry filling with a hint of cinnamon. There was also some kind of black bean, curried tofu breakfast taco with a little salsa that was rather agreeable. Along with fruit and oatmeal there seemed a fair share of vegetarian and vegan options (as promised). Although, at the end of all I tried I’d probably skip the vegan or vegetarian sausage in favor of the creative dishes Ramsi’s cooks put together.

Brunch plate #2
Brunch plate #2

Ramsi’s spin on a Benedict was also rather good, if a touch cold. The poached egg stayed well-cooked with an nice oozing yolk (even after sitting in a chaffing dish). I thought the addition of spinach and artichoke dip to the top made a nice creamy change from the Hollandaise I’ve had atop Benedicts before. I was happy to find there was some swell, crispy bacon, as any good brunch needs (even if it might cause cancer). The Biscuits and Gravy were passable, but not something I felt the need to finish. I should have made it a point to try the vegan version, but it slipped my mind when considering all the sweets still left to try.

Biscuits & Gravy
Biscuits & Gravy

Although I didn’t snap an image of it (which truly is a shame) the sweets table alone is a pretty solid reason to stop by. It contained an impressive assortment of cakes, some tasty cookies and housemade granola. Everything I tried on it was wonderful, the vast array of cakes in particular were all exceptionally moist and uniquely flavored for each recipe. Hubby was a big fan of their chocolate cake specifically, I found that both the one he sampled and the bundt verion I tried covered with a fudgy glaze were excellent. I also loved finding raspberry kolackys in a little glass tray, their butter goodness reminding me of Christmas at home in Chicago. There were also satisfying versions of carrot cake, cheesecake and all sorts of other goodies.

Hubby's third brunch plate
Hubby’s third brunch plate

Sipping on my coffee after this particularly indulgent brunch, I was quite content in my first experience here at Ramsi’s. Occasionally some of the dishes were a bit cool, but for a buffet the staff did a pretty good job keeping trays full and fairly fresh. I will be sure to bring guests when next we visit and hope to one day try their Ginger Plantain French Toast that I’ve heard about and been intrigued by.

For now I hope you all are able to keep from binging on leftover Halloween candy and that you stay warm as the Fall settles in and dark comes sooner. Keep brunching hard with friends as you try new things together.

Today’s featured brunch: Ramsi’s Cafe on the World, 1293 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40204

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