Brunch Away: Over Easy, Chicago IL

Sorry this post is a week late. Between the holiday madness and coming down with some kind of cold/flu illness it took me just a bit longer than I would have liked to get this post up. Now that I’m a week behind with a post to work on for next week I’m hoping I can stay a little more on track through the holiday madness. I also hope you enjoy this post on a cute little Chicago spot.

Hubby and I were busy running around the Chicagoland and Wisconsin area for various bits of holiday revelry with friends and family. This means I got to try a special Post-Thanksgiving binge brunch with “mia famiglia” at Over Easy on Chicago’s northside.

It was a pretty cold early afternoon when we walked into the cute brunch spot. We weren’t able to get very far in the door as there were already a few gentlemen waiting for a table and the cozy space did not allow for much waiting space. The capacity was on the wall was set to 42 persons and hubby counted up that (as we waited) there were a few people more than that. It being around a holiday, I’m sure some of the crowd could be attributed to people home for the holiday. We were told it would be a few minutes and we waited maybe fifteen or so, which wasn’t a terribly long wait.

While we waited and throughout our stay I was able to enjoy the cute egg themed decor elements with a little local flare.

Chicago/egg themed wall decor
suspended egg divider/curtain and art print of restaurant dish

By the time we were seated we had had ample time to peruse the menu and make our choices. On her return with our beverages, our sunny waitress was kind enough to get our drink orders quickly and explain some of our special options quite passionately.

Blackeye OJ

My Blackeye OJ had a great puree of blueberries and blackberries with a bright freshly squeezed orange juice to top. The beverage was a great wake up that wasn’t overly sweet (as you all know a plus in my book). I happily sipped on this interesting looking concoction as we chatted and waited for our food to arrive. The wait was reasonable and when our mouth watering dishes arrived we were amply pleased.

Sassy eggs

The Sassy Eggs is noted as one of the stars on the menu and before I ordered it I witnessed quite a few make their way to other tables where patrons happily consumed them. I found that mine had a nice amount of spice brought on by the chorizo and I loved the fresh and creamy guacamole that topped it. I obviously had to get the eggs cooked over easy (as a nod to the name of the place) and they were beautifully prepared. I added a little hot sauce after a few bites, but I doubt others would need to. I would definitely categorize this piece a solid staple.

Chichen Itza French Toast

Moving on to the Chichen Itza French Toast this definitely lived up to the waitress’s ranking of third out of around 150 different french toast creations Over Easy has come up with since she has worked there. The chocolate that topped each custardy slice of french toast was velvety smooth. Each decadent bite was a symphony of brilliant flavors from the bright orange zest throughout the creamy custard between lovely slices of french toast, to the slight ancho heat in the chocolate and crunchy pepitas sprinkled on whip cream dollops. If it’s on the menu when you visit it is a definite must try.

Carbonara Breakfast Sandwich

Hubby’s Carbonara Breakfast Sandwich was also super tasty. It was all the great elements of a carbonara (sans pasta) but also kind of reminding me of some flavors in my grandmother’s egg fu young somehow. The bread had a great texture as well. To start it was nice and fluffy then it was toasted and buttered to perfection before the eggs and other goodies were added. The potatoes that come along with this and most of the dishes are also pretty scrumptious with golden, crispy sides that I enjoy.

Smoked Salmon Scramble

Both my mom and aunt got the Smoked Salmon Scramble; a totally pleasant dish. There were nice big chunks of well cooked smoked salmon nestled amongst the wonderful fluffy eggs and gooey cheese. Another great standard on the menu.

In conclusion this was a pretty great brunch food-wise. Now considering I was with family I may have picked somewhere that would have been easier to sit and chat had I known how busy it would be. The service was friendly and never made me feel rushed or uncomfortable, this is more of a polite personal guilt I felt. I’d definitely come again as would others in my party- my mother plans to visit with friends in the future.

For those of you in the states I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Until next time keep brunching hard with those you love and celebrating when you can.

Today’s featured brunch: Over Easy, 4943 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60625


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