Mellow Mushroom, Highlands neighborhood in Louisville KY

We have visited and carried out from a few Mellow Mushroom locations around Indiana in the past, trying their pizza, calzones, pretzels and breadsticks. While each meal was fine, I have never really been wowed or enthused about their cuisine before. Being native to the Chicago-land area though, in all fairness, I can be a bit tough on pizza joints. However, I was willing to give it a clean slate when a friend sent their brunch menu my way. What especially peaked my interest was the opportunity to try their offerings of one of my favorite things: eggs on pizza/breakfast pizza.

The Highlands location’s Funky Menu Cover

We came around 11:30AM on a Sunday before the NFL games started to find a pretty quiet dining room. Later we found out there was more seating upstairs, so maybe we were just on the quieter floor, but it was a nice change of pace. It was nice to just chill and watch the pregame program with hubby though and take in the eclectic and inviting decor.

After settling in and debating our drink options (mostly looking over the impressive array of beers on tap) we decided to stick with their basic brunch cocktails. Our sweet waitress had to run upstairs for a few bar items and cocktail elements, but we didn’t have to wait long to start our day drinking.

Downstairs bar with numerous taps

Hubby ordered the $10 Bottomless Mimosas and was able to get in five while we enjoyed our meal and a bit of the game. They were light and fruity, but didn’t skimp on the champagne (which meant I drove us home). Overall super nice to spend the late morning and early afternoon sipping on as we took in the game.

Hubby’s $10 Bottomless Mimosa

My Build Your Own Bloody Mary was quite nice, I ordered mine with Tito’s Vodka. It arrived spicy as requested and was pretty rich in its complex flavor and tomato-ness. I also loved the two big olives that garnished this good-sized beverage. As I was sipping on this our waitress checked in with us again and took our meal order.

Later I tried their Raddler, a Blue Moon draft topped with your choice of fruit juice. I got mine with pineapple, which was interesting and different. They were so drinkable and tasty I could have easily continued drinking them the rest of the morning. That however would not have been the responsible choice…

When the Honey Cinnamon Donuts I so wanted to try appeared they were beautifully sweet and doughy. Hubby enjoyed his Parmesan Herb Pretzel, which was really 3 of them, all of which came golden and liberally seasoned.


Honey Cinnamon Donuts (half order)

We continued to enjoy a leisurely early afternoon talking about our weekend and watching our team play. When the main event breakfast pizzas finally arrived though they were gorgeous and enticing.

Mmm Breakfast Pizzas

I loved the combination of toppings on the Chorizo and Egg Pizza. The chorizo and jalapeño had a great slow heat to them while the creamy avocado and sour cream brought some cool balance to the party. Both pizzas had a nice substantial crust that was able to support an impressive amount of toppings. It remained buttery and crunchy on the edge and bottom, didn’t really get soggy and was soft and airy inside. Definitely one of the most enjoyable crusts I’ve experienced on a pizza down here.

Chorizo and Egg Pizza

Hubby’s Wake n’ Bacon Pizza was also well composed with good salty bacon and Parmesan, the asparagus stayed good and crunchy, and beautifully sautéed mushrooms provided a lovely finish. The scrumptious gooey eggs on both pizzas really took each one over the top to result in a stellar brunch pizza.

Wake n’ Bacon Pizza

This Mellow Mushroom location in the Highlands was a truly nice and reasonable brunch spot. For the day we visited we found it was a rather pleasant, quiet spot to hang out and maybe catch one of the last football games of this year’s season. If you’re in the area and looking to recover from an exciting night out you could definitely do worse.

Until next time I hope you all are enjoying some holiday cheer that is low on stress. May you also keep eating well, drinking cheap (but also well) and with great people.

Today’s Featured Brunch: Mellow Mushroom-Highlands, 1023 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40204

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