The English Muffin, New Albany IN

The weather here in Southern Indiana has been incredibly nice for mid-December. The weekend of this brunch we even had days in the high 60s and low 70s, with a few clouds or clear bright blue skies and sun. This all makes it easy to get out of the house and enjoy the few beautiful days we have left in the year. This gorgeous Sunday we went out to try one of our neighbors’ favorite places: The English Muffin in New Albany. We’ve tried the carryout breakfasts before (mostly breakfast sandwiches on their house made English Muffins) and dinner once, but haven’t stopped in during breakfast to give it a proper try. It seemed as good a time as any to at least give it a go.

The English Muffin appeared fairly busy as we pulled up, with a group of six stacked up in front of the door. After hubby and I squeezed in behind them I realized that, though everyone was waiting to be seated, there were a number of tables open and clean. After what turned out to be two groups were seated by the wait staff in the next 5-10 minutes, it was our turn. Now I can see the economic advantage of not having a hostess, but I think, for the weekends at least, it might have helped The English Muffin get people serviced more efficiently and in a more timely manner.

My Coffee

After we were seated, I ordered some coffee to sip on as we decided our selections for the morning. I have a few requirements for a decent diner and good coffee is one of them. I found The English Muffin’s cup drinkable, but not great. It wasn’t quite as strong as I would like and was a bit bitter at times. I was able to salvage it with the cream and sugar on the table, but I can’t say I’d rush to order it again.

Our waitress returned to take our food orders with a kind smile then went off to put our order in. As we waited hubby Googled the manual for my snazzy new camera (an early Christmas present) and we toyed around with the settings for a bit. We didn’t have too long to wait until our food arrived looking fairly good.

Our brunch spread at The English Muffin 

My Chorizo Sausage Skillet (which appeared rather temptingly on the table advertisement) came out looking a little different, but still good. Digging into this skillet I found the potatoes nice and crunchy, with an almost french fry like quality I enjoyed.The scrambled eggs, mixed with veggies and chorizo, however were not a soft and fluffy as I would have liked. Instead I found them a bit crisp, brown and overdone, not exactly what you hope for from a scramble. This combined with the crunchy potatoes made the dish a touch on the dry side. The flavor overall was okay, but I could have done with some more amped up spice. The cheddar cheese that topped it was super gooey and helped to make up for what else was lacking. I might have preferred more of a pepperjack or some other variety of cheese that went better with the flavor combination the dish was aiming for. A little sour cream or avocado would also have added a nice creaminess that would have better finished out the dish. All in all it was okay, but not something I would suggest or order again.

Chorizo Scramble Skillet

Our Benedict Florentine came out looking super nice, probably the nicest looking dish of the bunch. I was pretty excited to take my first bite, and though the eggs were nicely poached and the bacon was pretty good and crisp, the hollandaise was rather disappointing. It was creamy, but had a very heavy handed lemon flavor with an artificial aftertaste to it. Maybe this would have gone better with the Crab Cake Benedict on the menu, but having tried their crab cakes previously and not being thrilled, I had decided to pass. Hubby was also not a fan of this Benedict, we both agreed however that the fruit was nice and fresh.

Florentine Benedict

We’ve been pretty satisfied with The English Muffin’s Breakfast Sandwiches in the past and Hubby’s selection this time of a Breakfast Sandwich with Sausage was no exception. The house made English muffin is pretty great and just about any meat you choose to complete your breakfast sandwich is a hearty alternative to fast food joint offerings. This precarious looking stack was pretty quickly gobbled up by hubby after he gave me a tasty bite, so I still rate this as solid item on the menu.

Breakfast Sandwich with Sausage

Speaking of the house made English Muffin, it is done on the griddle and comes out pretty scrumptious. Hubby and I both enjoyed these quite a bit. Each was soft and moist with just a little crispness around the edge. Hubby enjoys his with just butter, as do I with the addition of a little blackberry jam. The only criticism hubby had was that he would prefer his english muffin a bit crunchier. I’d say that these were the best part of the meal for me, and would have made a good simple breakfast on their own.

Coffee and a house made English Muffin with butter and blackberry jam for me

In total I am still unimpressed with this establishment. It seems to have potential, but tends to fall short on its creative or more experimental dishes. I feel like your generally pretty safe with more standard fare, or the title item (house made english muffins), but in general there seems to be plenty of room for improvement. I don’t think I’d necessarily call you a great value either, unless you stick to the breakfast sandwiches which aren’t too bad. The staff is also friendly and eager to please, so not all is lost. Maybe take a breakfast sandwich to go on the way to work one weekday though rather than eat in on a leisurely Sunday. Maybe we just caught them on an off day and should give them a another try at a later date.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this little post. I know we have been super busy with the holiday season, so hopefully if you are as well you find some time to unwind and love your self and those in your life who make the holidays great. Until next time, keep eating well and in good company.

Today’s featured brunch: The English Muffin, 4320 Charlestown Rd., New Albany, IN 47150


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