Brunch Away: Disney Wonder Part 1

Ugh, second post of 2016 and I’m already sucking at posting on time. I swear that the Strep that has laid me out low these few days, was alas, unavoidable. I won’t bother to make any more excuses, but instead set to work at finishing this belated post.

During this holiday season hubby and I were lucky enough to be able to join some of his family for a nice cruise vacation on the Disney Wonder. Mostly when people ask how it was all I can say it that it was pretty magical.


I have never been on the cruise before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I found the Disney Wonder and it’s staff provided a great first experience for me. Between hubby and his family’s assessments it seems as though I may have gotten spoiled on my first outing.

In general every meal we had was pretty excellent, even the quick service windows and buffets had solid offerings. This post is my breakdown of the basic brunch spots you might hit up while on board the Disney Wonder. All these options had their cost included in the price of the cruise, save an upcharge or two for special beverages. Next I will talk about the more upscale Palo.

The Beach Blanket

The buffet style breakfast at The Beach Blanket had a wide variety of dishes to please all sorts of palettes. I think this was the best option if you can make it before the 10:30 AM cut off. Occasionally this was problematic as each evening was full of awesome entertainment options to keep you up to the wee morning hours. We did catch a few breakfasts at The Beach Blanket though. Below is a rather indulgent sampling of what I would pick up along the line.

The pancakes were adequate, nice and fluffy but nothing special. French toast was definitely the better choice by comparison as it was subtly sweet and a good but custardy. I don’t know what it is about simple Cream of Wheat when you don’t make it yourself, but I always enjoy it when we are out. Maybe it has to do with having all manner of things prepped and ready to top it with, either way I enjoyed it. I used some brown sugar, butter, almond slivers and whipped cream to make a simple sweet concoction, but there was plenty of fruit choices as well. I selected some fresh pineapple and papaya on the side to lighten up this guilt ridden plate.


The Potatoes with Peppers and Onions were pretty solid, seasoned nicely with a bit of heat. I don’t know what kind of Sausages Disney Cruise Line uses, but they were super delicious. I pretty much got them at every breakfast or brunch we had on the trip.

I also got a nice selection of Lox and Bagel with all the fixings. Every time I had lox on the ship they were nice and fresh, smoky and delicious. I also loved that I could take as much as I liked to delight in. A little fresh cucumber with them also helped to lighten and balance this salty treat.


I don’t think I ever got everything from either buffet, but there really was something for everyone. Everything we tried was also pretty good. The only thing I might recommend you bypass is the coffee, which was a little weak for my taste. There were however plenty of hot tea choices to tie me over though. Overall The Beach Blanket was a perfect place to run through and grab a good meal to start out the day.

Parrot Cay

Parrot Cay is one of the three lovely rotational dinner options every evening. In the morning it is often a nice sit down buffet with pretty much the same offerings as the Beach Blanket, but with slightly longer hours. The hosts find you a seat promptly as you come in, I don’t think we ever really had a line to wait in for more than a minute.

Once seated servers will come around and get your drink order, but you are immediately free to visit the buffet. Occasionally if you are in a smaller group, like hubby and I, you may be seated with another small group or too. I never found this was a problem, as everyone is very polite and happy to be enjoying a lovely vacation.


Again I got some Lox, but as there were no bagels when I visited, I went ahead and grabbed a croissant. This served as a pretty solid base for the lox and fixings. I didn’t use much cream cheese, as the croissant was already nice and buttery. On each occasion I tried a croissant on the Disney Wonder I was never disappointed they were always flaky and delicious.

By far my favorite thing here was the Mickey Waffles. You may not be able to tell they were even on my plate since I covered them with fresh whipped cream and strawberries, but they were delicious. I know they are mostly meant to be cute and fun, but I found them absolutely delightful. The interior was perfectly fluffy with a nice golden, crisp exterior which the strawberries and cream played off beautifully. In a choice between pancakes, french toast and Mickey waffles, you should pick the Mickey waffles every time.

On a side note a little food trick I tend to use while traveling is to grab some cereal or a banana anytime I walk though the buffet line. I do this with meals that are included so that way if I’m in a part of the ship that doesn’t have food service or only has snacks you have to pay for I’ve got something to munch on. I also usually have a ziplock bag or two I can use to save the odd croissant or bagel. Some of you may think that’s cheap, but I find it a handy trick for traveling.

In general Parrot Cay didn’t really offer anything particularly different or special from The Beach Blanket, but was open a little later and had good service. Sometimes it’s nice to just change up your surroundings, and Parrot Cay’s interior was a tropical joy.


The ambience and decor of Triton itself was quite lovely. Lots of beautiful glass in cool colors and an incredible mosaic of the underwater cast of “The Little Mermaid”. For the duration of the cruise this was generally the a la carte dining facility when it was open. Triton is also where we had our first dinner on the ship and just happened to eat here often with my husband’s family.


Hubby and I came in just the two of us that particular morning for breakfast though and we were seated at a small, quiet table quickly . Our servers came to attend to our drink requests not long after we sat down. Before our drinks arrived a server came around with baked goods so I was able to snag another croissant. As I have stated before the croissants on the ship were always a solid go-to for me, enjoyable even when cold.

My Cappuccino was splendidly foamy with a good espresso mixed in, much more satisfying than my other coffee experience. The only downside was that it was a little upcharge, but I didn’t mind the splurge too much. Not long after our food trickled in. The Morning Hike was very similar in tone and flavor to a Chilled Mango Soup I had had the night before (also in this restaurant). It was fine, but not what I was expecting from the description of “yogurt and mango topped with granola.” The few grains of granola I had seemed to have thickened the mixture and added a touch of texture. I can’t said I’d order it again or really recommend it.

When hubby’s and the rest of my food arrived shortly after that the presentation was a little lacking. My Waffle Sandwich with dulce de leche sauce draped over some decent waffles was pretty tasty, but not as good as my previous Mickey Waffles. The sausage I requested was the same as everywhere, so it was just as good. Hubby seemed pretty happy with his omelette, but the fact that Triton served hash brown patties you can get at just about any fast food place was kind of disappointing.

Most of the food at Triton seemed to be the same as what we found in the buffets with a little twist or customization here or there. Overall I found the items adequate, but not any better than those found in the buffet. I might even argue that I enjoyed the buffet food better, so I can’t say I would recommend the a la carte breakfast at Triton over the buffet.


All-in-all the food on the Disney Wonder was very good, even hubby (who rarely gives enthusiastic approval of anything) said it was better than most food he has had on other cruise lines. As for myself never having been on a cruise myself I found all the food very impressive and tasty. In addition the service was always very good and the Disney experience could be found in all sorts of great little touches.

I hope today’s post was serviceable, sorry again for the tardiness. I might try and push for another post in the middle of this week, but if I can’t get it out then there will definitely be one on next Sunday. Next time I will finish up talking about brunch on the Disney Wonder with the amazingly opulent offerings of Palo, the 18+ fine dining venue.


Thank you for taking the time to read these words collected and sent out into the ether. Until next time, keep eating and drinking well with those you love. Maybe occasionally is wonderfully magical places like the Disney Wonder.

Today’s featured brunch: Disney Wonder,


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