Brunch Away: Disney Wonder Part 2- Palo

In the last post I covered the majority of places you could eat breakfast or brunch on the Disney Wonder. This one however, will be solely devoted just to the spectacular brunch we had at Palo. If you don’t know much about the Disney Wonder, Palo is it’s adult-exclusive fine dining option.

Sunset on our departure from Nassau

On our last day at sea, a gray, windy and rainy day, we finally had our brunch at the beautiful Palo. We had been here for dinner on New Years Eve, and were able to get our same great server (David from Hungary) again for brunch. The decor and ambiance was as lovely as it had been at night, a warm and bright Venetian feel.

The brunch at Palo is an extra surcharge of around $30 per person, which is the same upcharge it was for dinner. In my opinion what we received was definitely worth the cost.

The lovely table settings at Palo

Each of us had the option of a Mimosa or Sparkling Wine included, we both settled on the Mimosas which were lovely. The Mimosas were light, bubbly and a refreshingly lovely way to start this fancy brunch.

My yummy Mimosa

After we received these yummy Mimosas our waiter led us around to all the brunch offerings. This brunch consisted of about five overflowing tables plus a counter of a la carte items we could order, all of this David proceeded to explain on our tour with some recommendations. Everything was beautifully and opulently presented, looking incredibly tempting.

The Seafood Table
The Italian inspired Salad Table

My first pass focused on the lighter end of the brunch items, mostly seafood and Italian salad items. It was hard to make my selections and leave anything on the table as everything looked so amazing.


Of course I ended up picking up some Crab Legs which were good and fresh as I had expected. The beautiful Sea Scallops were marinated and lightly dressed. Each bite of the Sea Scallops was tender and heavenly, definitely one of the best things on the table. Each piece of Cajun-seared Ahi Tuna was delicious as well with a little spice and heat to it. The bed of arugula it was served on offered some freshness and bite to the dish, also making for a top selection. It’s nice to grab something different like the Asparagus Wrapped in Prosciutto with a Saffron Mayo from the Salad Table that is also rather tasty. I rather enjoyed the Petit Bloody Mary which was a nice surprise with little chunks of shrimp throughout its yummy and flavorful tomato base. I even got to try a little caviar with all the standard fixings.

Although there were plenty of exemplary treats, there were also some that were only so-so, such as the Eggplant Wrapped Feta or Salmon Mousse. Both were fine, but not must haves as most of the other items were.

I went back a little later for the Shrimp Cocktail that came in a tiny martini glass. I found it was quite nicely dressed with a cocktail sauce which had the perfect amount of spice and a pleasant surprise of some grapefruit nestled beneath the shrimp.


My second pass focused on the Cheese Table and Sweet Breakfast Baked Goods Table, there were again so many amazing choices it was hard not to weigh down our plates even more than the abundance on them you can see below.


David, our server, told us that the croissants here are not the same as those on the rest of the ship but are instead prepared specifically for Palo. The Almond Croissant in particular was a lovely baked item, soft and flaky on the inside and golden on the exterior with crunchy almonds and powdered sugar sprinkled over them.


The Hazelnut and Strawberry Tart had the same delicious croissant pastry with lightly sweet and well combined hazelnut filling and a halved strawberry. There was a little Apricot Tart that was probably one of my favorite parts from that table. The fresh apricot beautifully balanced the buttery tart and creamy custard this fruit sat atop.

The Warm Sticky Bun, that came highly recommended by David, had a sweet caramel-y sauce and helped to create an ooey-gooey sweet treat. The little Nutella Muffin was the perfect size for the decadence of it’s chocolate hazelnut-y flavor throughout the beautifully moist muffin. The bit of nuts on top was also a great crunch of texture contrast as well.

All of the cheese selections were also super tasty, from fine cheddars to creamy bleu cheeses. An Italian cheese table had also just been added so we got to enjoy fresh Parmesan and other delicious assortments to complement savory rolls like focaccia. The Mediterranean Scroll was a great buttery roll peppered with all manner of olives, onions and herbs flavoring it.


It was hard not to fill up on all the scrumptious options on the tables before us with a plethora of wonderfully prepared options abounding.

For the third part of our brunch we ordered some a la carte items. After we ordered David asked if either of us would like a little coffee, so I partook. It was a pretty good blend, hot and smooth, but not mind blowing just solid.

For our a la carte orders we selected the Sausage Pizza, a Frittata, Eggs Julia and Oysters Rockefeller.

Hubby got a Sausage Pizza that had a beautifully crisp wood-fired crust topped with well-seasoned sausage and bubbly cheese. His Frittata had soft, fluffy eggs with flavorful sautéed veggies folded in throughout. I think hubby favored the pizza over the frittata as the latter was gone, while more than half of the frittata remained. He may have just been filling up too though, as gluttonous as we were.

My Eggs Julia was an interesting spin on the classic Benedict, with perfectly poached eggs and an incredible hollandaise nestled atop some lovely smoked salmon. The gorgeous combination was a symphony of creamy, smoky and eggy deliciousness with a splendidly sumptuous mouthfeel.

The Oysters Rockefeller were also creamy and easy going down. There wasn’t anything particularly crazy or different about this version, it was just solid goodness. The subtle lemon flavor in the sauce helped to balance wonderful richness of each oyster.

My fourth plate focused solely on the Sweets Table, a crowning glory to the rest of a beautifully prepared brunch. The table was continuously replenished to make sure it would always look amazingly decadent.

I found the Tiramisu a adequate dish, subtle with it’s flavors not overwhelming. The Cappuccino Pot a Creme had a wonderfully smooth pudding like texture that was softly flavored with coffee notes. I loved the little decorative touch of simple Mickey designs on the chocolate circles that topped this treat.


Beside it the Raspberry Panna Cotta had a lovely and light cream with a delightfully fruity sweetness. I enjoyed the light and lovely meringue on top. The Chocolate Pistachio Cake was probably my favorite (although it was difficult to choose) with it’s rich and delicious flavor and a great dense texture.

I found the Berries with Champagne Jelly were light and pleasant enough, but probably not something I’d give space on my plate again. I did happen to miss a few things from the table so I went back for a shorter pass to round up those sweets that had eluded me.

The bright and pretty Lemon Raspberry Meringue Parfait with Vanilla Sponge had the flavor to match it’s pretty visage. The wonderfully layered fruits danced a tangy waltz across my tongue. There was also a nice variety in consistency between the different components that I appreciated, with this sweet making my top three for sure.


Lastly the Walnut White Chocolate Brownie was a great last item for me. The dense chocolatey fudge texture beneath the charming garnish and nutty coating was absolutely delicious. Palo truly does have an amazing Sweets Table, where even David couldn’t do better than to recommend one of everything.

At the end of the meal we were stuffed, but happy. I’m sure we could have gone up another one or two times with all that was offered. However if we had we wouldn’t have been able to do anything else the rest of the day and probably would have felt sick.

Our last sunset at sea (it was too windy to be out on the deck)

This was a lovely brunch to start the last day of our magical time upon the Disney Wonder. I know I got spoiled on this first cruise experience I had and that it won’t be easy for us to come back, but everything from the food to the entertainment to uniquely Disney experiences was worth the cost at least once. I would highly recommend this to people with families that have a large age-range as there is something for everyone. If you get the chance I hope you enjoy it.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post, I promise to work on keeping them coming on a regular basis. Until next time, keep eating well with those you love, maybe even in some magical places.

Today’s featured brunch: Palo on the Disney Wonder,


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