Brunch Away: The Bongo Room

A few weeks back I got to come up and visit some family in Chicago. This means I also finally got around to seeing my sister’s apartment in Wicker Park, after which she got to show me the neighborhood. In addition to seeing the only Taco Bell in the US that sells booze, we had a great brunch at The Bongo Room.

Seriously, why don’t all Taco Bell’s serve booze? It makes so much sense

After a short jaunt from my sister’s place to The Bongo Room we walked in the door a little before 10AM. It was busy with people crowded right near the door, but since there were only two of us we were seated immediately. Our waitress was very attentive (along with the busboy) giving us a few minutes before getting our drink orders. We perused the menu (which was slightly different than the one I saw online) and quickly decided on our selections. The waitress seemed a little unsure of the amount we ordered, even though I scaled one of my dishes down to a half order. Little did she know that we brunch so hard, even if there are only two of us.


My tasty Bloody Mary and my sister’s yummy Orange Creamsicle

When our drinks came we were not disappointed. Although there were a ton of things we wanted to try we had ordered two drinks we both thought we would like. That way my sister could take the one she liked better since she is a little pickier. She ended up picking the Orange Creamsicle, which was a fun, fruity yet dreamily creamy concoction. I, on the other hand, enjoyed a splendid Bloody Mary with Tito’s vodka. The flavor of it was super satisfying, initially salsa-y in flavor with a great heat on the back end. It also came with all manner of splendid fixings to garnish it, which to me puts a good Bloody Mary over the top to a great one.

Coffee in cool Pantone mug

I didn’t actually get to try the coffee, but I was in love with the mug it came in and the fact that the color happened to almost precisely match my sister’s nail color. In general all the decor and little touches were fun and fresh. The Bongo Room has a very hip yet warm aesthetic with cool touches like these great light fixtures.

Fun little light fixture near our table

When our food arrived the waitress and busboy could barely find an arrangement that would fit all our food on the tiny table for two my sister and I shared. The Deconstructed Lobster Roll Benedict I ordered was a must try. Even my picky little sis (who is not a big seafood fan) thought it was tasty and delicious. The eggs were perfectly poached, there were some great chunks of lobster and a fantastic Hollandaise that had the perfect little touch of lemon and parsley that actually contributed to this party in my mouth. I found it just a splendidly composed dish, full of amazing flavors that just worked. The potatoes it came with were nicely seasoned, but could have been a little crispier to create a bit more textural contrast. It was a truly amazing dish overall.

Amazing Deconstructed Lobster Roll Benedict

My Chocolate Tower French Toast was a surprising offering with great elements. I didn’t realize how heavily bananas would play a roll in the flavor offerings, but they were a nice fruity complement to what could have been an overweighted and possibly oppressive chocolate dish. The delicious peanut butter sauce also provided a velvety accompaniment to both of these parts. I really appreciated that the bread used for the french toast was of a really nice quality and provided a great foundation for the rest of the dish. I also found that the half order was more than enough for a decent regular breakfast and the perfect amount to give me a little something sweet with brunch.

Half order Chocolate Tower French Toast

My sis’s Croissant Sandwich with Bacon was huge and looked delicious with a beautifully golden and flaky croissant. My sis gobbled it up happily and quickly so even if I didn’t get a bite. However I’m going to guess it was pretty tasty.

I did snag a few bites of the massive stack of Red Velvet Pancakes she ordered though. Now Red Velvet isn’t really my thing these were a pretty great version. The slight chocolatey flavor came through subtly in these beautiful crimson, fluffy cakes was wonderful. Before getting them my sister grumbled a bit about there not being cream cheese in the topping syrup, but after having it neither of us could argue with the chef’s decision. In addition to this luscious sauce, the walnuts sprinkled over the top were a great crunchy element I hadn’t experienced with anything else red velvet and I loved it.


We did end up taking home a few boxes, but they were not as full as you might think. Every calorie from The Bongo Room was totally worth it and I can’t wait to come back and try at least three more things from the menu and a cocktail or two. The service was fantastic and I loved the atmosphere, so the whole brunch experience come highly recommended from this humble blogger.

Luckily for my sister and I, The Bongo Room is also right next to this adorable spa/bath product boutique that makes these amazing all-natural bath and beauty products, that often look like bakery or other sweet treats. The gorgeous window display of Mojo Spa drew us in and I’m glad we stopped because we found some amazing goodies and a very helpful staff. It always good to finish a great brunch with a little shopping and walking to burn off a few of those abundant calories.

Hopefully you all enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed the cold morning brunch with my lovely little sis. Until next time keep, eating and drinking well with cool people (and maybe use a little retail therapy to burn off those big brunch calories).

Today’s featured brunch: The Bongo Room, 1470 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

If you want to check out Mojo Spa they are located right next door at 1468 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622.


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