The Hub Cafe, Jeffersonville IN

In the past we’ve come to The Hub for lunch and enjoyed selections like Smooth Criminal (a delicious combo of nutella and bacon) and The Victory (a must-try jalapeño and brisket mashup). The main fare here are “roti,” and right about now you may be wondering about what a roti is. The roti is a wonderfully flaky cross somewhere between a naan flatbread and tortilla. Maybe it picked up some of that flaky love by crossing paths with a croissant somewhere. Wherever the chefs at The Hub got the idea, it is a tasty one I enjoy. These roti serve as a great vehicle for the wonderful selections of local ingredients composed into lovely flavor profiles by the chefs at The Hub.

Lucky for me they also have a nice little espresso machine to get me my morning caffeine fix. I had enjoyed the Fantastic (The Hub’s take on a Cappuccino) before so I got one again. The beautiful espresso is complemented by just the right amount of foamy creaminess and a tiny bit of sugar. A nice coffee treat to sip on as we waited for our roti.


This time around for brunch we got a variety of breakfast and lunch roti. My El Chapo was quite messy with an over easy egg amidst the other delicious toppings. It was super flavorful filled with well spiced chorizo and nice, fresh jalapeño both of which had a good heat to them.

The Cinnaroti looked beautiful with it’s pretty layers of roti puffed up with a nice drizzle of icing and sprinkle of cinnamon. It was presented almost cinnamon bun like in look and flavor, but with a crunchiness I often miss in standard cinnamon buns. The dough of the roti is also not nearly as heavy which made for a much more enjoyable, balanced and subtly sweet experience.

Hubby and I also split some yummy tots, which were nice and crispy. The tots were not anything crazy but exactly what you would expect. The attraction I have to this simple menu item is one the allure that it is always a fun to enjoy for me.


Hubby’s breakfast selections were the Sausage Egg and Cheese roti and Tom’s Goats, both were solid samplings. The Sausage Egg and Cheese sounds simple enough, but the sausage here stands out with it’s interesting seasoning and fabulously smoky flavor. Whoever is responsible for the creation of this sausage is a commendable butcher. On the other end of these offerings is the lighter Tom’s Goats. The delightful and fresh tartness of the goat cheese is paired with a beautiful fresh tomato and unctuous over easy egg to let the simple ingredients shine. All these breakfast roti held their own uniquely pleasant flavors I was glad to try.

For lunch hubby got his favorite, The Rogue, which held firm with it’s creamy sauce and tasty chicken-y, cheesy goodness. The Rogue also comes along with some Bibb lettuce to lighten up the roti, but I don’t find it particularly necessary. My Full Montague came out piping hot, full of the warm comforting essence of a great meatloaf and mashed potatoes. What makes this roti special though is the sauce, that brings a tangy sharpness to the hearty heft of the other ingredients. This sauce cuts through and pulls up these layers of tastes into a truly joyful treat.

Hubby’s Rogue onto of my Full Montague

In conclusion I think The Hub and it’s roti are a great little idea I hope takes off. I could easily see this being turned into a great little franchise. From what hubby has said it sounds like they are opening up for evening hours now too, so go and check out this little gem. The service is great and the small local spot ambience makes this the perfect weekday brunch or lunch spot.

I hope you all enjoyed this little brunch post as much as I enjoyed The Hub. May your Valentines be spent with those you love who love you.

Until next time keep eating and drinking well, but don’t forget to brunch hard.

Today’s featured brunch: The Hub Cafe, 716 E 10th St., Jeffersonville, IN 47130


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