Con Huevos, Louisville KY

We finally got around to trying the tiny, but warm and inviting Con Huevos in Louisville. We came with a larger group (which I wouldn’t advise), but the staff did a great job accommodating us at a few separate tables near one another. While we waited for those spaces to become available I had ordered and sipped on a little Cafe con Leche. This little beverage kept me nice and warm in the slight chill of the early morning and I enjoyed the balance between smooth coffee and creamy milk.


Once we got in hubby ordered some Fresh Squeezed OJ which was indeed straight from the fruit and wonderfully bright. I was a bit jealous of another friend’s Cuban coffee which he described as nicely sweet and espresso like. It is definitely on my list of things to try next time. After a short wait and our wait staff figuring out what drinks belonged to whom our food started to trickle out.

Chilaquiles Con Huevos with Chorizo

My Chilaquiles Con Huevos with added Chorizo were just what I was hoping for last week. Con Huevos version starts with a good bed of crunchy tortilla chips atop which they pile some wonderfully cooked sunny side up eggs. It is the salsa however, with a nice lime bite to cut through the wonderful fat and spice of the chorizo, that makes it for me though. All these great elements make for a wonderfully well balanced Chilaquiles.

the amazingly delicious Tres Leches Pancakes

Three of our group ordered the Tres Leches Pancakes and none were disappointed. Our fellow diners had some colorful and enthusiastic accolades for the sauce that covered the beautifully buttery and fluffy cakes, not all of which are good for polite conversation. It’s safe to say that “magical” and even “orgasmic” were tossed about a good bit. If you’re at Con Huevos and you like sweet things or pancakes these are definitely a must try.

Hubby’s Breakfast Torta with side of Chilaquiles

Hubby also got a nice little Breakfast Torta, or sandwich. He chose the ham version, but got it pretty plain as he has quite an aversion to cilantro and avocado. The bread it came on was a great, crusty kind of baguette. The splendidly salty ham and same wonderful eggs worked to round out this satisfying offering. I would have liked it better with all the fixings, but hubby seemed happy enough.

Chipotle Poached Huevos

Since we were a bit split up there were some things I got to see, but not try that looked pretty awesome. One such dish was the Chipotle Poached Huevos that look like a solid biscuits and gravy offering with a chorizo twist and poached eggs. Since Con Huevos was participating in the Gravy Cup I’m sure these were amazing. The person who got them certainly sang their praises. The Jalapeño Potatoes side was also enthusiastically endorsed with it’s lovely alternating layers looking like a spicy scalloped potatoes.

The service is incredibly obliging and warm, I really give kudos to the staff for working hard to get us all in and fed with their wonderful food. The atmosphere is cozy, with warm wood and cute graphics everywhere. However this is definitely a fast service place, that tends to be busy on the weekends so I’d advise you to plan accordingly and not try to stretch it like we did. Maybe stop by with one or two friends on a beautiful day to have a quick meal and walk around the neighborhood to catch up. There seem to be a couple other cute places nearby. We got some of the “Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Louisville” next door at Please and Thank You’s new location that apparently just opened up this past week. The cookies definitely did not disappoint.

I hope you enjoyed this quick post and I look forward to bringing you something special next week.

Until then keep eating and drinking well, hopefully with friends.

Today’s featured brunch: Con Huevos, 2339 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY 40206

Plus our Chocolate Cookie hookup at: Please and Thank You, 2341 Frankfort Ave.

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