Goose Creek Diner, Louisville KY

On this gray rainy day we decide to check out the newly reopened Speed Art Museum before brunch. The 30 hour marathon opening event was a super fun introduction to the collection with everything from mandala making monks to folk music performances to printmaking for the public. We were only there for two hours after the event had been going almost 24 hours, but it was cool to see so many people enjoying the space and artwork.

It was fun to tell hubby the background of certain Dutch subjects or explain the work of contemporary artists. We also debated how an IKEA-like table hubby had whose design must have been a copy of one of the midcentury furniture pieces in one gallery, was not art just because the design mimicked an artist’s design.

One of my favorite parts was a collage art activity called “Not-So-Square Quilt Blocks” that had already filled up most of one wall when we arrived. I saw adults and families working together or on their own to create little works of art and add it to a greater collaborative piece.

I never saw the museum before it was renovated, but I can definitely see a thoughtfully and creatively curated collection. I heard the director of the Speed on local public radio station talking about opening up the spaces and creating interesting sightlines. This intention comes through as you move from gallery to gallery and stand in a variety of spots that allow you to see how art history affects current practice and the experience of the art in one place feel whole.

After indulging my wandering for a few hours we were both hungry enough to leave. However, I can’t wait to come back another day and revisit so many great works, so if you’re in the Louisville area go check it out.

After all this walking and art viewing we traipsed over to the other side of Louisville to try a Sunday Brunch Buffet at Goose Creek Diner, recommended by one of hubby’s co-workers. It is certainly not a fancy place, sort of on the small side with an interior that feels like maybe it was once a fast food restaurant. The diner was fairly busy when we arrived and the host who took us to our seats seemed to be struggling through one of his first days on the job. Once we were seated our waitress was pretty friendly and attentive, even reading me my horoscope as she cleaned the table next to ours.

After ordering our drinks we got up to visit the brunch setup. For my first round  I just went down the line and selected a little bit of everything breakfast-y, plus some Ribs and Fried Chicken.

My first round brunch plate and yummy coffee

My coffee was piping hot and waiting for me when I returned. It was a solid cup of smooth caffeine goodness that warmed me nicely. I was even able to take it sans sugar or cream, which I take as a great indicator of a good cup o’ joe.

One of the first things I tried was what I believe was a Hot Brown Casserole, which was a rather enjoyable dish. This is actually my first encounter with the Hot Brown Sandwich flavors popular in Louisville. This casserole was creamy and tasty with nice chunks of turkey, crispy bits of bacon and a delicious mornay sauce. The little bit of tomato in the dish helped to balance out what could be a touch heavy otherwise.

Although the potatoes were not anything particularly crazy they were nicely crisp and the perfect vehicle for the leftover mornay sauce on my plate. I recommend you skip the eggs as the texture was a sad cross between hard-boiled chunks and rubbery bites totally lacking in decent flavor. The ham was also pretty disappointing, but it is truly difficult to  mess up bacon which was good and greasy.

Both hubby and I found the Fried Chicken a bit disappointing, mostly since it was lacking a good crunch. I also could have done with a little more pronounced spices and flavor. By comparison the Ribs had a good flavor that had been prepared well enough to fall apart. The problem with most of these dishes was probably that they had just been sitting in chafing dishes a bit too long, which negatively impacted the texture or ability to enjoy some of these dishes.

The highlight of the buffet was easily the made-to-order fare, prepared by a calm and perpetually busy chef who served up custom orders with a warm smile. There was French Toast, Crepes, Eggs Benedict, Waffles and Omelets to order or dress how you would like. These items were some of the best of the whole buffet by far.

Hubby’s Omelet

The first thing hubby got was an Omelet packed with a generous amount ham, mushroom and all the cheeses. He got there at the right moment where he could get his omelet prepared super quick and back to the table nice and hot. I enjoyed my bite, though these aren’t perse the flavors I would choose, and hubby seemed totally happy with it.

Eggs Benedict and Sweets

After going up to get something for myself I saw a few custom Benedict orders served up and decided that is what I would like to enjoy. I ordered a regular Eggs Benedict and it was easily the best thing I had here. The English muffin was freshly fried up in butter, I watched as the sweet chef tossed two thick slices of ham into another skillet and crack two eggs into boiling water. As each part finished he assembled the yummy stack and I got it back to my table to savor. Each bite had a great array of textures and flavors: soft oozy eggs, luscious Hollandaise, crisp and buttery English Muffin, and ham to round out the equation.

Since it was a little crazy when I went up to order I also grabbed a few things from the sweet pastry pile and dessert section. What I assumed was a mini banana cream pie turned out to be a Key Lime Pie instead. I liked this fine, but it didn’t wow me enough to finish it. The sweet Cinnamon Pastry was totally lackluster and I only really took a bite before putting the sad, dry bun down for good.

Waffle with Chocolate Chips and Strawberries

As I was working on my Benedict hubby went up to grab us a Waffle. The one lonely one left up in a warming tray while I was waiting for my Benedict didn’t look all that appealing. His however was nice and fresh, if a bit underdone. Though I like my waffles a little more crisp, the softness of this was was adequate and worked well with the rest of this waffle’s fluffy subtle sweetness. Hubby’s toppings were fine, but lacking in the whipped cream department.

Chocolate Cheesecake

Although hubby wasn’t a huge fan of this chocolate cheesecake, saying it was too cheesecake-y for him, I liked it. It was dense and chocolatey without being too sweet and I enjoyed the nice cheesecake-y tang to it’s flavor.

At the end of our meal I was past stuffed and feeling quite sleepy. I fell into a solid food coma nap for two hours when we returned home, thus cementing a lazy day. I can see that Goose Creek Diner would be an attractive place to find a hearty satisfying brunch at a decent price. It is heavy on the hearty offerings of the Midwest and Southern cuisines that are generally adequate. It could probably use some fresher or more appealing dishes, but seems to be doing fine with offerings. The made-to-order station is definitely the best part. The chef we had was skilled and wonderfully obliging making our experience rather satisfactory.

Hubby and I both agreed that it wasn’t our favorite place and you might find some better and more exciting fare at The Red Yeti or Ramsi’s. I wouldn’t say this was an outright bad experience, but I think we will continue our explorations of brunch in the area without missing coming here again anytime soon.

Hope you enjoyed this little post with a side of art. Until next time keep eating and drinking well with those you love.

Today’s featured brunch: Goose Creek Diner, 2923 Goose Creek Rd., Louisville, KY  40241

You can (and should) also check out the newly renovated Speed Art Museum at 2035 S 3rd St, Louisville, KY 40208.

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