Highland Morning, Louisville KY

We have often driven past Highland Morning as there are a plethora of great food options around Bardstown Road. Somehow we made it half a year into this brunch blog without trying this popular spot.

part of Highland Morning’s great exterior mural

We got a bit of a late start on the day we venture out to try Highland morning. The sun was out in force, just starting to warm up the day. Inside,it was pretty packed when we put in our names. The hostess quoted us a 25-30 minute wait (which was expected mid-morning on a Saturday) and took our phone number. We used our time to pick up some bakery treats to take to hubby’s family.

Our trip was  a short jaunt down the road, but took up most of our 20-25 minute wait. We returned in time to hear the chimes at St. James ring for 11AM and were seated shortly after. Our hostess showed us to the table with menus and our waiter checked in to see if we had any questions. After taking us quickly through the menu addressing half orders and side options, he left us to mull over drink options.

After some debate over beverages I got the Bloody Mary Done Right, which totally kept its promise. They also had buckets of mimosas for $20 and a coffee drink called The Proud Kentuckian that sounded great. However since we had a substantial drive to visit family ahead of us so we responsibly chose not to imbibe further. The Bloody Mary came out in a cute little mason jar with yummy bacon salt around the rim, which brought a nice addition of umami to the party. The Bloody Mary itself was a great savory and flavorful mix with a nice bit of spice. I also loved the garnish of pepperoncini, pepper jack cheese and an olive, which served as a nice little snack as I waited for our food to arrive.

Bloody Mary Done Right

After sipping on a substantial portion of my yummy beverage our feast arrived. My Baja benedict was super satisfying with some exciting and original elements like the corncake base. The corncake was nicely crisp beneath a nice bit of chorizo, some poached eggs, hollandaise and a little fresh pico. There was a nice bit of heat that wasn’t overwhelming, the flavor provided by the veggies was enough that you could likely not miss the chorizo were you to order this dish vegetarian.

Baja Benedict

I have to say the Biscuits and Gravy here have to be some of my favorite I’ve tried thus far. The biscuits were solid and light, the gravy delightfully creamy with a wonderfully peppery savoriness. I don’t know if others would consider it a good thing but the gravy had this lovely condensed soup vibe too it I super enjoyed. I advise you at least get a half order, you won’t regret it.

1/2 order Biscuits and gravy

The half order of Key West Key Lime Pancakes I got as a bit of sweet was so monstrous that I cannot even imagine trying to finish a full order even if it was the only thing I ordered. The giant fluffy cake was yummy and buttery, but kind of drowned under an artificially lime sweetness. They weren’t necessarily my favorite thing, but my sister-in-law enjoyed the leftovers so it might just be me. There were certainly a plethora of awesome sounding pancake and waffle options.

1/2 order of Key West Key Lime Pancakes

Hubby got the Steak and Eggs, an out of the norm choice for him. The steak was really nicely seasoned and cooked, though I might have ordered it a bit rarer. Hubby got it medium and seemed quite pleased with the outcome. the scrambled eggs also weren’t I choice I would have paired with the steak, but they were well-prepared: fluffy and buttery. The little bit of cheese on top of the eggs was a nice touch as well. The grits might have been sitting out a bit too long as they arrived congealed. However the peppery flavor and creaminess was rather on point, though I might have been more satisfied if I had gotten the cheesy kind or special cinnamon sugar version of the day.

Hubby’s Steak and Eggs

It was a pretty great menu full of solid standards and slightly updated and exciting new twists. I can definitely see why this made the top 101 breakfasts on Urbanspoon. For as busy as it was while we were there we got some pretty great service. Everyone working in Highland Morning seemed to be cheerful and attentive. All the great looking choices and general positive experience left me sure we will be taking friends or family back to try it again.

I hope you enjoyed this little post and maybe enjoyed some nice time with family or friends during this great spring weather. Until next time keep eating and drinking well and with good company.

Today’s Featured Brunch: Highland Morning, 1416 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40204


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