Lydia House, Louisville KY

Sorry about skipping last week friends. My back decided to spaz out on me leaving me incapacitated and bedridden for a few days, so I wasn’t really up to going out or writing up a post. I’m almost back to 100% though so hopefully this post helps make up for last week.

I stumbled across reviews for Lydia House looking at posts for some other brunch places and bookmarked it to check out at a later date. We got around to checking out Lydia House on a sunny Saturday morning. It’s located in a little residential area not far from the University of Louisville campus, the exterior is pretty modest with a fun public bulletin and free library box. Stepping inside we found a cozy and hip vintage vibe, where you order at the nicely worn in wooden bar. The menu is small, but the service is as playful as it is friendly and helpful. After placing our order I heard the staff jokingly banter with some regulars, which seems a regular occurrence.

They were trying out some new drinks so I thought I’d give one a try. The Match Boba Tea with coconut milk was certainly a pretty green, the tea nice and creamy, but the boba were a bit chalky and possibly underdone. However this was a new item though so I’m definitely willing to give it some leeway. There were also a lot of other great sounding beverages I’d like to give a try next time.

Matcha Boba Tea

After a short wait our morning meal was brought to the table looking delicious. My Hot Mess arrived with a look living up to its name, the essence was super hearty and satisfying with a nice bit of spice throughout. All the elements kind of blended together into a wonderful mass of warm yumminess. After trying to parse through it all I was able savor the individual parts of smoky ham chunks, nicely roasted potatoes, creamy gravy and sweet onions covered with ooey gooey cheese. I was entranced by the wonderful layers of flavor and gorged myself until near bursting. Even then I still needed a little box to take home the remainder.

Hot Mess

The Sweet Griddled Bread Pudding had a lovely textural balance between the golden exterior and velvet custardy interior. The bread pudding itself was lovely and subtly sweet, but the seasonal jam really made it stand out. This jam had a great heat to it and rich depth of fruitiness, but the flavor of the fruit was hard to place. I finally asked a server, who told me it was their Cherry Habanero Jam which happens to be one of his favorites. The Sweet version certainly gets my vote and I’m sure the Savory version is also delicious, but didn’t get to try it this time.

Sweet Griddle Bread Pudding

Hubby got the Classic with housemade sausage patties and over easy eggs. The sausage was delightfully seasoned and just a touch sweet, while totally well-prepared. Hubby struggled a bit with the heat of the seasoning on the potatoes, but found them more tolerable when mixed together. You should also keep in mind that hubby is often a lot more sensitive to spice than I am. We both rather enjoyed the texture of the potatoes which were perfectly soft and sumptuous inside while maintaining a lovely crisp and crunchy outside.

Hubby’s Classic with housemade Sausage Patties

Overall I think Lydia House is a great little spot with a wonderful vibe and staff. The service was attentive and the food filling and tasty. The amount of spice in just about every dish was an invigorating change for me, though hubby was a little less enthused. I doubt that the sriracha and hot sauce on every table are used often during breakfast if ours were any indication. I would love to come back and explore their lunch and dinner options sometime.

Thanks for checking out this post, sorry again for the skipped week. Until next time keep eating well with good company.

Today’s featured brunch: Lydia House, 1101 Lydia St, Louisville, KY 40217



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