Granite City Brewery, Indianapolis IN

Sorry to have taken an extra week than I planned as a break. Work and life have yet to calm down and so it has been a struggle to find the time to write as well as just enjoy life. Hubby and I did have a lovely weekend with family and friends though. From a friend’s wedding to a lovely little Mother’s Day brunch with hubby’s family at Granite City Brewery, we were surrounded by love.

When we lived in Indianapolis, hubby and I loved to come and enjoy Granite City’s Sunday brunch during football season. We could order a pitcher of good beer and leisurely sample all the brunch buffet at Granite City had to offer. I was excited to see many of our favorites and celebrate some of the moms in my life.

This morning was a bit on the chilly side, but the restaurant was already packed when we got there a touch late for our 9:30 reservation. It didn’t matter that we were late though since there were so many other people also waiting to be seated. As soon as we made it to the front of the line though we were taken right to our table.

It took a little while for our waiter to make it over to us and ask for our drink orders, but again it was Mother’s Day so our waiter did well under the circumstances. I ordered myself a Bloody Mary which was spicy as I had requested and generally serviceable. The best part was probably the garnishes though as the plastic skewer was packed with a little bit of everything including a nice little shrimp.


I only took the time to have a few sips before heading to the ever-growing buffet line. As I said our reservation was pretty early, but the dining room was never not packed which also meant the line was fairly steadily long. After a couple of minutes gabbing in line I was able to pile up my first plate mostly with the greatest hits of Granite City’s offerings.

When we saw the Ale and Cheese soup, both hubby and I were super excited. It has been one of our favorites since first we tried it. Somehow this velvety mixture still manages to have a flavorful bite that the rye croutons atop each bowl certainly rounded out and added to. The fruit and bacon were good, but nothing special or crazy, along with the wonderfully cheesy Hash Brown Casserole.The Biscuit and Gravy was better than I remembered, with a fantastically smooth and peppery gravy with some yummy sautéed onions in the mix adding a gentle sweetness. One of my favorite things from Granite City’s brunch buffet the is the Prime Rib. The Prime Rib is always superb here, savory and beautifully seasoned with a lovely horseradish sauce to compliment. I could literally eat nothing else and die a happy woman.


Hubby also enjoyed the turkey at the carving station remarking how wonderfully moist and flavorful it was. He apologized for not having me try some, but that certainly is a testament to how good it was since this was a while after he had eaten it all. Hubby also got a pretty tasty looking omelette along with a few others from our party, and none had any left on their plates when they finished so I’m sure they were great as well.

Our waiter checked on us periodically as we ate and talked to us about some of the things we could order included with the brunch. So as we waited for the buffet line to subside we were able to order some of Granite City’s special ala carte items. The sweet, doughy and delicious Caramel Nut rolls were huge and amazing. I could see why other tables had heaps of them. Even hubby enjoyed his fair share and commented on how good they were. My sister-in-law got the French Toast, which looked small but she assured us it was super tasty. I ordered my Eggs Benedict before getting in line for my second plate, which was apparently a mistake as it arrived shortly after I got up. Since the line had grown since our first time up it took me a while to get back to them. Though I enjoyed the generous addition of paprika that gave them a deviled egg vibe that sets them apart, they probably weren’t as good as they would have been had I stayed at the table until they arrived. The hollandaise was still good and the English muffin nice and buttery, but as I was filling up I didn’t quite finish.

For my second plate I stuck with more of the lunch side of the buffet. I was pleasantly surprised by the Watermelon and Basil Salad which was wonderfully light and refreshing. I love the herbaceous tones of the vinaigrette and although I’m not generally a big fan of fruit in my salad I thought the watermelon in this one was the perfect thing to round out this Caprese like offering. The Chicken Diavolo Pasta was also super tasty with a nice bit of heat to balance the creamy sauce. I think best of all though was the Ponzu Salmon. It and everything in the chafing dish with it was superb. I’m always amazing when fish at a buffet isn’t dry and rubbery, but this salmon was perfectly cooked. The flavor was also wonderfully composed with the lovely ponzu glaze that had a slow heat to it as well that worked nicely with the sweetness. All the vegetable and rice that came in the same dish were delicious as well and I would love to come back and have just this dish for dinner. Of course even though I was filling up I still had to get another slice of Prime Rib too, it’s just too good to pass up.


As busy as we’ve been lately and as hectic as a good brunch place can be on a holiday like Mother’s Day I was so happy to go and be with family at Granite City. It has a lovely casual atmosphere and consistently good food and drinks. The prices are generally reasonable and the service solid. I know it’s a chain, but I think it’s one that knows what it does well and offers a lot. Even on non-holiday Sundays the brunch has a great selection so I hope you check it out.

Until next time, keep eating and drinking well in great company. Also don’t forget to celebrate those you love.

Today’s featured brunch: Granite City Food and Brewery, 150 96th St, Indianapolis, IN 46290


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