Fireside Grill, Sellersburg IN

Our realtor recommended Fireside Grill when we first moved down here so we tried it for dinner on a weeknight, but can’t say we were impressed enough to come back. However, when I saw they were doing weekend brunch, I figured it was worth giving another chance.

It was busy enough for a ten minute wait when we arrived, but the bakery/carryout area had some free samples of cake and complimentary coffee set up to tide us over. It was nice to sample some of these treats and I found the cake options particularly delightful. I will definitely have to come back and pick up a slice of cake sometime.

After our short wait we were led back to a cozy booth surrounded by warm wood paneling. Though the decor was a bit dated it had the appeal of a beloved local spot. I ordered a Mimosa that did not skimp on the champagne and was perfectly solid at $3 a pop.


Hubby and I decided to split Patty’s Homemade Coffee Cake which came out warm, soft and lovely. The giant slice was moist and just a touch crumbly with a beautiful cinnamon-y sweetness. I’m a little sad I didn’t order a coffee to wash it down with as I’m sure that would have been a perfect compliment.


A little while later the rest of our food came out in generous portions. My “I Want It All” Breakfast Casserole may not have been the prettiest plate, but it was hearty, warm and satisfying. There was a ton of cheese and a well cooked egg that made this dish wonderfully ooey gooey. The foundation of roasted potatoes were cooked well and also had a nice bit of flavor. In addition this dish came with a biscuit and side of gravy which served as a sort of half order and was a nice way to try them. However the biscuit was a bit on the dry and crumbly side, while the gravy was creamy and serviceable it did lack the punch and flavor to be considered top notch.


On top of the casserole I got one Blueberry Crunch Pancake that was truly yummy. The wheat pancake itself was soft and fluffy which contrasted the golden crunchy granola perfectly. With the blueberry compote to round out the subtly sweet yet rich fruity flavor, this turned out to be a great choice.


Hubby got the Build Your Own Breakfast Sandwich with turkey sausage and American cheese. The english muffin it came on was nice and fluffy with a good buttery flavor, though hubby would have liked it toasted. The turkey sausage was fine, but nothing particularly special. All of the individual elements came together into a nicely portable brunch item.

All-in-all Fireside Grill had a decent menu for a reasonable price. It’s not the most exciting brunch spot we’ve tried, but it has a comforting appeal.

Thank you again for checking out this little post, I hope you enjoyed it and will do my best to keep bringing you more.

Until next time, keep eating and drinking well in the best of company.

Today’s featured brunch: Fireside Grill, 7611 IN-60, Sellersburg, IN 47172


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