Lola’s Bowl and Bistro, Clermont IN

Sorry to have skipped another few weeks. I just got caught up in all that we were doing and just totally spaced finishing this post.

After spending a weekend enjoying our friends in Indianapolis we capped off the weekend with a brunch at Lola’s. Although I had a good amount of Filipino friends in high school whose parents would have lumpia and other goodies when I came over, I can’t say I ever really got to try Filipino brunch or breakfast. Although Lola’s offerings had a mix of American influence as well it was nice to shake things up a bit.

I started off with a Mimosa, which was a lovely light and bubbly version. It definitely grew on me as I continued to sip on it. I also found it solidly boozy which is especially good if like us you are in need of some hair of the dog to soothe your Sunday morning hangover.


We ordered our entrees and a little appetizer to split, or so we thought. A while later we were brought out a tangy beef stew, whose name escapes me. The name however was apparently very similar to the Dim Sum Platter we thought we had ordered. We let our waitress know and the owner comped the dish and set about making sure we still got the Dim Sum Platter. As I said the stew was nice, thick and vinegary. I’m not sure I would order it again, but it was good over rice and nice to experience something different.

After a little miscommunication about the Dim Sum Platter, it arrived along with our entrees. Everything looked and tasted great, so it is hard for me to pick a favorite. I loved the fluffy Bao with a beautifully silky and flavorful pork filling. The dumplings made me smile with the tender exterior and delicious interior. I gobbled up a few more than my fair share of crispy lumpia with the lovely sweet chili sauce. Last but certainly not least the wonderful, subtly sweet sesame balls were a joyful ending to the plate. Definitely a great sampling of Filipino goodies.


I ordered one of two Crab Fried Rice plates at our table, and both myself and the other diner found the portion more than generous. I was able to take home a little more than half of this plate and have leftovers for two more meals. I was excited about the dish, but found it missing some flavor and spice. Although the texture was lovely and there were some nice bits of crab, I enjoyed my reheated home version with a fried egg and sambal that brought some richness and heat I found lacking.


Hubby’s Pork Tocino didn’t look like much, but reminded me of one of my favorite breakfasts my Oma would make me: Spam and Fried Egg over Rice. The pork was tender and juicy with a slightly sweet flavor. However it was the gooey egg that brought all the elements together into perfect bites. Although not pictured the fresh salsa this was served with was a refreshing and light contrast to the rest of the dish.


Not a bad overall first experience, but not a thrilling one either. The interior decor was quaint and fresh, I always love fresh flowers on the table. The service was a touch slow for the amount of people there (we were there an hour and half with maybe two other tables of less than four people and at least four servers), but they seem to have a fairly young staff so maybe this will improve as they gain experience. I’m also willing to overlook the minor mix up with the Dim Sum platter as it had no financial impact on us and actually gave us the opportunity to try something new. I think Lola’s is probably a great little local spot that brings some variety to the area and will hopefully only get better with time. For now it is definitely worth a try, I would give it another shot.

Until next time keep eating and drinking well in great company (even if you are nursing a hangover).

Today’s featured brunch: Lola’s Bowl and Bistro, 9045 Crawfordsville Rd, Clermont, IN 46234


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