Lola’s Bowl and Bistro, Clermont IN

Sorry to have skipped another few weeks. I just got caught up in all that we were doing and just totally spaced finishing this post.

After spending a weekend enjoying our friends in Indianapolis we capped off the weekend with a brunch at Lola’s. Although I had a good amount of Filipino friends in high school whose parents would have lumpia and other goodies when I came over, I can’t say I ever really got to try Filipino brunch or breakfast. Although Lola’s offerings had a mix of American influence as well it was nice to shake things up a bit.

I started off with a Mimosa, which was a lovely light and bubbly version. It definitely grew on me as I continued to sip on it. I also found it solidly boozy which is especially good if like us you are in need of some hair of the dog to soothe your Sunday morning hangover.


We ordered our entrees and a little appetizer to split, or so we thought. A while later we were brought out a tangy beef stew, whose name escapes me. The name however was apparently very similar to the Dim Sum Platter we thought we had ordered. We let our waitress know and the owner comped the dish and set about making sure we still got the Dim Sum Platter. As I said the stew was nice, thick and vinegary. I’m not sure I would order it again, but it was good over rice and nice to experience something different.

After a little miscommunication about the Dim Sum Platter, it arrived along with our entrees. Everything looked and tasted great, so it is hard for me to pick a favorite. I loved the fluffy Bao with a beautifully silky and flavorful pork filling. The dumplings made me smile with the tender exterior and delicious interior. I gobbled up a few more than my fair share of crispy lumpia with the lovely sweet chili sauce. Last but certainly not least the wonderful, subtly sweet sesame balls were a joyful ending to the plate. Definitely a great sampling of Filipino goodies.


I ordered one of two Crab Fried Rice plates at our table, and both myself and the other diner found the portion more than generous. I was able to take home a little more than half of this plate and have leftovers for two more meals. I was excited about the dish, but found it missing some flavor and spice. Although the texture was lovely and there were some nice bits of crab, I enjoyed my reheated home version with a fried egg and sambal that brought some richness and heat I found lacking.


Hubby’s Pork Tocino didn’t look like much, but reminded me of one of my favorite breakfasts my Oma would make me: Spam and Fried Egg over Rice. The pork was tender and juicy with a slightly sweet flavor. However it was the gooey egg that brought all the elements together into perfect bites. Although not pictured the fresh salsa this was served with was a refreshing and light contrast to the rest of the dish.


Not a bad overall first experience, but not a thrilling one either. The interior decor was quaint and fresh, I always love fresh flowers on the table. The service was a touch slow for the amount of people there (we were there an hour and half with maybe two other tables of less than four people and at least four servers), but they seem to have a fairly young staff so maybe this will improve as they gain experience. I’m also willing to overlook the minor mix up with the Dim Sum platter as it had no financial impact on us and actually gave us the opportunity to try something new. I think Lola’s is probably a great little local spot that brings some variety to the area and will hopefully only get better with time. For now it is definitely worth a try, I would give it another shot.

Until next time keep eating and drinking well in great company (even if you are nursing a hangover).

Today’s featured brunch: Lola’s Bowl and Bistro, 9045 Crawfordsville Rd, Clermont, IN 46234


Fireside Grill, Sellersburg IN

Our realtor recommended Fireside Grill when we first moved down here so we tried it for dinner on a weeknight, but can’t say we were impressed enough to come back. However, when I saw they were doing weekend brunch, I figured it was worth giving another chance.

It was busy enough for a ten minute wait when we arrived, but the bakery/carryout area had some free samples of cake and complimentary coffee set up to tide us over. It was nice to sample some of these treats and I found the cake options particularly delightful. I will definitely have to come back and pick up a slice of cake sometime.

After our short wait we were led back to a cozy booth surrounded by warm wood paneling. Though the decor was a bit dated it had the appeal of a beloved local spot. I ordered a Mimosa that did not skimp on the champagne and was perfectly solid at $3 a pop.


Hubby and I decided to split Patty’s Homemade Coffee Cake which came out warm, soft and lovely. The giant slice was moist and just a touch crumbly with a beautiful cinnamon-y sweetness. I’m a little sad I didn’t order a coffee to wash it down with as I’m sure that would have been a perfect compliment.


A little while later the rest of our food came out in generous portions. My “I Want It All” Breakfast Casserole may not have been the prettiest plate, but it was hearty, warm and satisfying. There was a ton of cheese and a well cooked egg that made this dish wonderfully ooey gooey. The foundation of roasted potatoes were cooked well and also had a nice bit of flavor. In addition this dish came with a biscuit and side of gravy which served as a sort of half order and was a nice way to try them. However the biscuit was a bit on the dry and crumbly side, while the gravy was creamy and serviceable it did lack the punch and flavor to be considered top notch.


On top of the casserole I got one Blueberry Crunch Pancake that was truly yummy. The wheat pancake itself was soft and fluffy which contrasted the golden crunchy granola perfectly. With the blueberry compote to round out the subtly sweet yet rich fruity flavor, this turned out to be a great choice.


Hubby got the Build Your Own Breakfast Sandwich with turkey sausage and American cheese. The english muffin it came on was nice and fluffy with a good buttery flavor, though hubby would have liked it toasted. The turkey sausage was fine, but nothing particularly special. All of the individual elements came together into a nicely portable brunch item.

All-in-all Fireside Grill had a decent menu for a reasonable price. It’s not the most exciting brunch spot we’ve tried, but it has a comforting appeal.

Thank you again for checking out this little post, I hope you enjoyed it and will do my best to keep bringing you more.

Until next time, keep eating and drinking well in the best of company.

Today’s featured brunch: Fireside Grill, 7611 IN-60, Sellersburg, IN 47172

Granite City Brewery, Indianapolis IN

Sorry to have taken an extra week than I planned as a break. Work and life have yet to calm down and so it has been a struggle to find the time to write as well as just enjoy life. Hubby and I did have a lovely weekend with family and friends though. From a friend’s wedding to a lovely little Mother’s Day brunch with hubby’s family at Granite City Brewery, we were surrounded by love.

When we lived in Indianapolis, hubby and I loved to come and enjoy Granite City’s Sunday brunch during football season. We could order a pitcher of good beer and leisurely sample all the brunch buffet at Granite City had to offer. I was excited to see many of our favorites and celebrate some of the moms in my life.

This morning was a bit on the chilly side, but the restaurant was already packed when we got there a touch late for our 9:30 reservation. It didn’t matter that we were late though since there were so many other people also waiting to be seated. As soon as we made it to the front of the line though we were taken right to our table.

It took a little while for our waiter to make it over to us and ask for our drink orders, but again it was Mother’s Day so our waiter did well under the circumstances. I ordered myself a Bloody Mary which was spicy as I had requested and generally serviceable. The best part was probably the garnishes though as the plastic skewer was packed with a little bit of everything including a nice little shrimp.


I only took the time to have a few sips before heading to the ever-growing buffet line. As I said our reservation was pretty early, but the dining room was never not packed which also meant the line was fairly steadily long. After a couple of minutes gabbing in line I was able to pile up my first plate mostly with the greatest hits of Granite City’s offerings.

When we saw the Ale and Cheese soup, both hubby and I were super excited. It has been one of our favorites since first we tried it. Somehow this velvety mixture still manages to have a flavorful bite that the rye croutons atop each bowl certainly rounded out and added to. The fruit and bacon were good, but nothing special or crazy, along with the wonderfully cheesy Hash Brown Casserole.The Biscuit and Gravy was better than I remembered, with a fantastically smooth and peppery gravy with some yummy sautéed onions in the mix adding a gentle sweetness. One of my favorite things from Granite City’s brunch buffet the is the Prime Rib. The Prime Rib is always superb here, savory and beautifully seasoned with a lovely horseradish sauce to compliment. I could literally eat nothing else and die a happy woman.


Hubby also enjoyed the turkey at the carving station remarking how wonderfully moist and flavorful it was. He apologized for not having me try some, but that certainly is a testament to how good it was since this was a while after he had eaten it all. Hubby also got a pretty tasty looking omelette along with a few others from our party, and none had any left on their plates when they finished so I’m sure they were great as well.

Our waiter checked on us periodically as we ate and talked to us about some of the things we could order included with the brunch. So as we waited for the buffet line to subside we were able to order some of Granite City’s special ala carte items. The sweet, doughy and delicious Caramel Nut rolls were huge and amazing. I could see why other tables had heaps of them. Even hubby enjoyed his fair share and commented on how good they were. My sister-in-law got the French Toast, which looked small but she assured us it was super tasty. I ordered my Eggs Benedict before getting in line for my second plate, which was apparently a mistake as it arrived shortly after I got up. Since the line had grown since our first time up it took me a while to get back to them. Though I enjoyed the generous addition of paprika that gave them a deviled egg vibe that sets them apart, they probably weren’t as good as they would have been had I stayed at the table until they arrived. The hollandaise was still good and the English muffin nice and buttery, but as I was filling up I didn’t quite finish.

For my second plate I stuck with more of the lunch side of the buffet. I was pleasantly surprised by the Watermelon and Basil Salad which was wonderfully light and refreshing. I love the herbaceous tones of the vinaigrette and although I’m not generally a big fan of fruit in my salad I thought the watermelon in this one was the perfect thing to round out this Caprese like offering. The Chicken Diavolo Pasta was also super tasty with a nice bit of heat to balance the creamy sauce. I think best of all though was the Ponzu Salmon. It and everything in the chafing dish with it was superb. I’m always amazing when fish at a buffet isn’t dry and rubbery, but this salmon was perfectly cooked. The flavor was also wonderfully composed with the lovely ponzu glaze that had a slow heat to it as well that worked nicely with the sweetness. All the vegetable and rice that came in the same dish were delicious as well and I would love to come back and have just this dish for dinner. Of course even though I was filling up I still had to get another slice of Prime Rib too, it’s just too good to pass up.


As busy as we’ve been lately and as hectic as a good brunch place can be on a holiday like Mother’s Day I was so happy to go and be with family at Granite City. It has a lovely casual atmosphere and consistently good food and drinks. The prices are generally reasonable and the service solid. I know it’s a chain, but I think it’s one that knows what it does well and offers a lot. Even on non-holiday Sundays the brunch has a great selection so I hope you check it out.

Until next time, keep eating and drinking well in great company. Also don’t forget to celebrate those you love.

Today’s featured brunch: Granite City Food and Brewery, 150 96th St, Indianapolis, IN 46290

Brooklyn and The Butcher, New Albany IN

Hubby and I have watched this corner of New Albany transform into a new dining establishment over the last few months, but had yet to try Brooklyn and The Butcher out until we saw they were starting to serve brunch this weekend.

We walked into the beautifully rehabbed building greeted by an entry lobby full of light with a contemporary and neutral decor. All around were quaint little touches that tried to channel a little vintage flair, such as the key rack behind the hostess desk which served as a nod to the building’s history as a hotel. It was pretty quiet when we came in a little before noon so we were seated right away. From our booth I could see right into the kitchen so I was entertained by watching the line calmly assemble dishes. There were also some other references to the butcher name on the walls, a cleaver and apron hung on a hook near the kitchen and an assortment of turn of the century photos.

We had already looked over the menu at home, but I was still debating what drinks to try when we settled on the Julep and Mimosa Bar. Our visit accross the establishment to the bar to concoct our own cocktails, also came with complimentary commemorative derby glasses. Both great and terrible for the indecisive the julep and Mimosa bar offered a variety of liquors, herbs, and fruit purees to customize your beverage with. I had never tried a julep before so I asked the bartender for some basic recommendations to get me started. I ended up with a little peach puree, Old Forrester, simple syrup and a bit of mint all of which was a wonderfully light and refreshing.Hubby got a simple little strawberry mimosa, that was pleasant if a little sweet. I really enjoyed easing into my morning with this lovely drink though next time I might have to go with their tasty sounding Bloody Mary.

For as quiet as it was it the food service did seem a bit slow, but between reading the interesting names of derby winners on our glasses and watching the kitchen staff we were able to pass the time. When the food arrived we were excited to dig in.

My Shortrib Roesti looked lovely and tasty, generally the taste lived up to the look. The shortribs were beautifully tender, each chunk just falling apart, and full of delicious umami flavor. Some of the other elements lagged a bit behind them though. The potatoes though adequately cooked to a nice soft consistency,  would have better complemented the other parts if they had been prepared to a more golden, crisp finish to add some contrast. The mushrooms and asparagus were also fine, but didn’t necessarily add much to the dish. I could see where the combination was going, but richness of the dish craved some balance, so I was a bit disappointed.

My Shortrib Roesti

Hubby got The Croque which was a wonderfully delicious mess. The waffle bun was a lovely crunchy yet soft vehicle for the variety of scrumptious interior elements, which sadly gushed everywhere with each bite. The roasted potatoes that came as a side were also pretty crunchy and yummy, but were made better by the surprising maple aioli. Our server was kind enough to bring two containers of the aioli when he realized they were left off the plate.

The Croque with yummy potatoes

Hubby and I also shared the Omelet of the Day, which was nicely prepared and filled with spinach, goat cheese and mushroom. We both thought it was fine, but were mostly happy to have some extra potatoes.I’m not sure the roasted pepper added much to the potatoes, but they were seasoned well enough on their own. I kind of wish I had given the pastry plate a try instead. Oh well, live and learn.

Omelet of the Day

Overall it was a decent first experience for a brand new brunch spot. There are certainly areas that could be improved upon, but I think Brooklyn and The Butcher is at a good starting place with its opening weekend for brunch. In a few months I’m sure it will be great.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s post, I’ll be taking off next week due to some time consuming work engagements. I hope you all don’t mind missing my ramblings for a couple weeks. Until next time keep eating and drinking well in good company.

Today’s featured brunch: Brooklyn and The Butcher, 148 E Market St, New Albany, IN 47150

Lydia House, Louisville KY

Sorry about skipping last week friends. My back decided to spaz out on me leaving me incapacitated and bedridden for a few days, so I wasn’t really up to going out or writing up a post. I’m almost back to 100% though so hopefully this post helps make up for last week.

I stumbled across reviews for Lydia House looking at posts for some other brunch places and bookmarked it to check out at a later date. We got around to checking out Lydia House on a sunny Saturday morning. It’s located in a little residential area not far from the University of Louisville campus, the exterior is pretty modest with a fun public bulletin and free library box. Stepping inside we found a cozy and hip vintage vibe, where you order at the nicely worn in wooden bar. The menu is small, but the service is as playful as it is friendly and helpful. After placing our order I heard the staff jokingly banter with some regulars, which seems a regular occurrence.

They were trying out some new drinks so I thought I’d give one a try. The Match Boba Tea with coconut milk was certainly a pretty green, the tea nice and creamy, but the boba were a bit chalky and possibly underdone. However this was a new item though so I’m definitely willing to give it some leeway. There were also a lot of other great sounding beverages I’d like to give a try next time.

Matcha Boba Tea

After a short wait our morning meal was brought to the table looking delicious. My Hot Mess arrived with a look living up to its name, the essence was super hearty and satisfying with a nice bit of spice throughout. All the elements kind of blended together into a wonderful mass of warm yumminess. After trying to parse through it all I was able savor the individual parts of smoky ham chunks, nicely roasted potatoes, creamy gravy and sweet onions covered with ooey gooey cheese. I was entranced by the wonderful layers of flavor and gorged myself until near bursting. Even then I still needed a little box to take home the remainder.

Hot Mess

The Sweet Griddled Bread Pudding had a lovely textural balance between the golden exterior and velvet custardy interior. The bread pudding itself was lovely and subtly sweet, but the seasonal jam really made it stand out. This jam had a great heat to it and rich depth of fruitiness, but the flavor of the fruit was hard to place. I finally asked a server, who told me it was their Cherry Habanero Jam which happens to be one of his favorites. The Sweet version certainly gets my vote and I’m sure the Savory version is also delicious, but didn’t get to try it this time.

Sweet Griddle Bread Pudding

Hubby got the Classic with housemade sausage patties and over easy eggs. The sausage was delightfully seasoned and just a touch sweet, while totally well-prepared. Hubby struggled a bit with the heat of the seasoning on the potatoes, but found them more tolerable when mixed together. You should also keep in mind that hubby is often a lot more sensitive to spice than I am. We both rather enjoyed the texture of the potatoes which were perfectly soft and sumptuous inside while maintaining a lovely crisp and crunchy outside.

Hubby’s Classic with housemade Sausage Patties

Overall I think Lydia House is a great little spot with a wonderful vibe and staff. The service was attentive and the food filling and tasty. The amount of spice in just about every dish was an invigorating change for me, though hubby was a little less enthused. I doubt that the sriracha and hot sauce on every table are used often during breakfast if ours were any indication. I would love to come back and explore their lunch and dinner options sometime.

Thanks for checking out this post, sorry again for the skipped week. Until next time keep eating well with good company.

Today’s featured brunch: Lydia House, 1101 Lydia St, Louisville, KY 40217


Highland Morning, Louisville KY

We have often driven past Highland Morning as there are a plethora of great food options around Bardstown Road. Somehow we made it half a year into this brunch blog without trying this popular spot.

part of Highland Morning’s great exterior mural

We got a bit of a late start on the day we venture out to try Highland morning. The sun was out in force, just starting to warm up the day. Inside,it was pretty packed when we put in our names. The hostess quoted us a 25-30 minute wait (which was expected mid-morning on a Saturday) and took our phone number. We used our time to pick up some bakery treats to take to hubby’s family.

Our trip was  a short jaunt down the road, but took up most of our 20-25 minute wait. We returned in time to hear the chimes at St. James ring for 11AM and were seated shortly after. Our hostess showed us to the table with menus and our waiter checked in to see if we had any questions. After taking us quickly through the menu addressing half orders and side options, he left us to mull over drink options.

After some debate over beverages I got the Bloody Mary Done Right, which totally kept its promise. They also had buckets of mimosas for $20 and a coffee drink called The Proud Kentuckian that sounded great. However since we had a substantial drive to visit family ahead of us so we responsibly chose not to imbibe further. The Bloody Mary came out in a cute little mason jar with yummy bacon salt around the rim, which brought a nice addition of umami to the party. The Bloody Mary itself was a great savory and flavorful mix with a nice bit of spice. I also loved the garnish of pepperoncini, pepper jack cheese and an olive, which served as a nice little snack as I waited for our food to arrive.

Bloody Mary Done Right

After sipping on a substantial portion of my yummy beverage our feast arrived. My Baja benedict was super satisfying with some exciting and original elements like the corncake base. The corncake was nicely crisp beneath a nice bit of chorizo, some poached eggs, hollandaise and a little fresh pico. There was a nice bit of heat that wasn’t overwhelming, the flavor provided by the veggies was enough that you could likely not miss the chorizo were you to order this dish vegetarian.

Baja Benedict

I have to say the Biscuits and Gravy here have to be some of my favorite I’ve tried thus far. The biscuits were solid and light, the gravy delightfully creamy with a wonderfully peppery savoriness. I don’t know if others would consider it a good thing but the gravy had this lovely condensed soup vibe too it I super enjoyed. I advise you at least get a half order, you won’t regret it.

1/2 order Biscuits and gravy

The half order of Key West Key Lime Pancakes I got as a bit of sweet was so monstrous that I cannot even imagine trying to finish a full order even if it was the only thing I ordered. The giant fluffy cake was yummy and buttery, but kind of drowned under an artificially lime sweetness. They weren’t necessarily my favorite thing, but my sister-in-law enjoyed the leftovers so it might just be me. There were certainly a plethora of awesome sounding pancake and waffle options.

1/2 order of Key West Key Lime Pancakes

Hubby got the Steak and Eggs, an out of the norm choice for him. The steak was really nicely seasoned and cooked, though I might have ordered it a bit rarer. Hubby got it medium and seemed quite pleased with the outcome. the scrambled eggs also weren’t I choice I would have paired with the steak, but they were well-prepared: fluffy and buttery. The little bit of cheese on top of the eggs was a nice touch as well. The grits might have been sitting out a bit too long as they arrived congealed. However the peppery flavor and creaminess was rather on point, though I might have been more satisfied if I had gotten the cheesy kind or special cinnamon sugar version of the day.

Hubby’s Steak and Eggs

It was a pretty great menu full of solid standards and slightly updated and exciting new twists. I can definitely see why this made the top 101 breakfasts on Urbanspoon. For as busy as it was while we were there we got some pretty great service. Everyone working in Highland Morning seemed to be cheerful and attentive. All the great looking choices and general positive experience left me sure we will be taking friends or family back to try it again.

I hope you enjoyed this little post and maybe enjoyed some nice time with family or friends during this great spring weather. Until next time keep eating and drinking well and with good company.

Today’s Featured Brunch: Highland Morning, 1416 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40204

Brunch at Home: Monkey Bread, Cheesy Potato Breakfast Casserole and other goodies

We’ve been busy going out a lot and missing a few of our regular brunch buddies so we decided to change things up a little this week and host brunch at our place. Through the week we invited some friends, I looked up some recipe ideas and then on Saturday we power cleaned the house to prepare.

When the day finally came around we woke up bright and early then set about to work. Although this is the first day of spring and it was beautifully sunny outside, the weather wasn’t quite as warm as it had been earlier in the week. If it had been a bit more temperate we would have loved to have brunch outside on the deck. Alas, Mother Nature did not agree, so we set up our table inside with some good coffee and warm treats to keep us warm.

Our friends started to arrive mid morning as I was still finishing up most of the brunch dishes so I started the table setup with a simple little Cheese Plate of some brie, olives and figs. Sadly I hadn’t thought of bread or crackers so I had to use the Ritz crackers I keep around just incase and some cheesy pita chips, not ideal but doable in a pinch. I also like to add a little pepper jam to the party as it complements the brie well.

Cheese Plate, crackers, coffee and mimosas
When thinking up our brunch menu I like to plan for somethings to be ready quickly so guests can snack as other dishes finish. I had some Puff Pastry in the freezer so I thought it might be good to throw together a little Tomato, Goat Cheese, and Basil Pesto Puff Pastry Tart. Although I didn’t follow the homemade almond pesto part of the recipe it gave me a good starting point, and as my guests gobbled them up I don’t think anyone minded that I used jarred pesto as a substitute. Using store bought puff pastry as the base of a tart is a great way to do a fancy feeling, though simple to assemble treat when entertaining.
Tomato, Goat Cheese and Basil Pesto Puff Pastry Tart

I had roasted some beets earlier in the week and thought they might be nice and refreshing amongst the other heavier items. They would have been a little lonely without some goat cheese and vinegar, so I threw this and a couple other things together for a Roasted Beet Salad.

The roasting of the beets is pretty simple: just wash well, preheat the oven to 350 degrees, wrap the beets in foil and then roast until you can pierce them with a fork maybe 50-75 minutes. After the beets are roasted you let them rest for at least 15-20 minutes in the foil then can easily peel them by just rubbing off the skins. I sliced them up and put them in tupperware until I want to use them.

This morning I took out the slices and layered them with nice slices or goat cheese. I dressed them with a little good Balsamic Vinegar on the plate, but also made a quick dressing on the side. This dressing had about a tablespoon of grainy mustard, a half tablespoon of maple syrup, a tablespoon of white wine vinegar, a half tablespoon of olive oil and a bit more Balsamic to round it out. A little orange zest and/or juice would also be good, but it was a nice dressing all the same. Finally the pretty looking lettuces that take up half the plate are just a simple 50/50 Spring mix from the grocery. All in all a dish that fit its role.

Roasted Beet Salad

Monkey Bread was one dish requested by our friends that is a general crowd pleaser, so I dug up a basic Pioneer Woman recipe on Pinterest that I could alter a little for my preferences. The last time we had everyone over I went a little crazy with the butter which made for a particularly messy (though tasty) version. This time I tried to follow the proportions more closely, but took the biscuits down to two containers and the butter down to a half cup. I added about a half cup of combined chopped pecans and walnuts to the bottom of the bundt and sprinkled throughout the layers of cinnamon sugar coated biscuit segments. I also had a jar of honey layered with nuts, so I layered in a few tablespoons of that to add even more goodness.

Monkey Bread with Chopped Nuts

All in all i was pretty pleased with the outcome as the cinnamon aroma permeated our home. I forgot to take a picture before everyone dug in, but it was pretty and wonderfully sweet and decadent. As you can see from the photo below some of our guests also greatly enjoyed the yummy Monkey Bread.


One thing I really wanted to try was a little Cheesy Potato Breakfast Casserole I thought would be a great hearty and savory dish for the morning. I went ahead and cooked the hash browns before tossing them with the other ingredients to add a little texture contrast. It was an ooey gooey casserole with well-balanced flavor I couldn’t help but keep going back for.

Cheesy Potato Breakfast Casserole

Our guests also pitched in a couple nice additions to the brunch. One brought amazing fixings for Mimosas; we are fans of the apricot juice versions and also added some raspberry-peach Grand Marnier. Our French friend brought a lovely Ham and Cheese Quiche which she is magnificent at preparing (she has brought one on multiple occasions). I don’t know what is in it, but she makes the crust herself and it is always a great treat to enjoy.

Albane’s delicious Ham and Cheese Quiche

My final menu item was a simple Triple Berry Salad that comes together with some sliced up strawberries tossed with some other berries after a quick washing. To complement this I prepared some freshly Whipped Cream, easily assembled with some heavy whipping cream a little powdered sugar, vanilla and Cointreau. Nothing fancy, but berries always seem a good addition to brunch.

After our feast of a brunch we spent the afternoon enjoying some board games and each others’ company. Its nice to be able to take our time and not rush out of a busy restaurant sometimes.

Thanks for taking the time to read this little brunch post. Until next time keep eating and drinking well in good company.

Today’s featured brunch recipes and alterations:

Tomato, Goat Cheese, and Basil Pesto Puff Pastry Tart:

  • Jar pesto subbed for the almond pesto

Monkey Bread:

Cheesy Potato Breakfast Casserole: